So I was very persistent on getting this video up ASAP as if you’ve seen my other video I put together for Vegas, I’m a perfectionist when it comes to putting together THE perfect video that resonates with me. This video to me, means a lot of things. It means, travel, love, honesty, generosity, family, friendship, adventure, fearlessness, compassion, adventure, lost, and life.

I’m so blessed to have encountered the amazing people that I’ve met in Hawaii and I felt like I was meant to cross paths with every single one of them. I will never forget this trip as it was my first (and not last) backpacking trip. I’ve always knew that I wanted this kind of lifestyle, and once I lived in it, I realized a lot of things about myself, about the impact I want to create in this world, and the on going journey to grow and learn.

For 2017, I’m really hoping to do more videos because it is something I really do enjoy doing (as much as it makes me want to pull all my hair out) but when I get to look back on all these memories, it reminds me of a chapter of my life filled with happiness and it’s worth every second I spend on creating, filming, and editing these videos. I’ve gotten alot of people saying I should talk on Youtube so that is another goal I want to create for myself for the new year!

Hope you enjoy this video xx