I feel like I will always be part of TEAMLTD. A Canadian based lifestyle brand connecting people who are out there Living The Dream… yup that’s basically what I’m trying to do with my life. Of course I had to take a couple of their merch with me on my trip to Hawaii to show you how I repped TEAMLTD in my backpack adventures and to me, getting the most out of life is travelling and experiencing things that people are scared of doing, that I’m scared of doing, that is new, that is not in the “norm” of every day life. Some people think I’m crazy for backpacking, some people say I’m lucky for having the freedom to do so, but I really do think that anybody can do it and travel the way they desire if they really want it badly. So here are a couple of photo’s I took with TEAMLTD and how I represent this brand. You TEAMLTD? I know I am.

@carrieproject x @teamltd