Pilates O Ka La is a new and innovative pilates studio in Oahu, Honolulu created by Chelsea Peck. While travelling through Hawaii, I had the opportunity to experience pilates for the first time through Pilates O Ka La in their beautiful studio just a nice stroll away from Waikiki. Chelsea and I got to chat about pilates, business, and marketing after class and she even invited me out to her workshops she held at Surf Jack Hotel for roof top sunset pilates. She has a incredible story being a hard working female entrepreneur, taking on many roles within her business, a passion for pilates, and I wanted to share this inspiring story on my blog.


Interview with Chelsea Peck (Q&A)

1) When did you first fall in love with Pilates?

I fell in love with Pilates when I started doing it through my physical therapist when I was having back pain right after college. I loved working on the equipment and how it challenge me in ways I’d never felt before.

2) How does Pilates differ from Yoga? (for those that are unfamiliar with the two)

As far as explaining to people what Pilates is and how it is different from yoga, I usually say that yoga is about connection. Connecting your mind and body, but also connecting yourself to something greater (like god, or the universe, or whatever you believe). Joseph Pilates created “contrology”, as a way to keep people healthy through movement and breathing. It was never designed as rehabilitation, although many physical therapists today use Pilates to rehabilitate their patients. Pilates teaches you how to strengthen and stretch your body so that you can maintain good posture, and good health. Pilates and yoga are similar in that they both teach strength and flexibility, and both are about connecting your mind and body, but that’s about it.

3) What’s your favourite thing about Pilates?

It makes you feel better aligned than any other form of workout.

5) Do you run Pilates O Ka La all by yourself?


6) Do you have any advice for young female entrepreneurs out there looking to start their own business?

Build a team of advisors that you can learn from. Also, hire good people because they are just as much of a face of the company as you yourself are.

7) What motivates you to keep Pilates O Ka La running?

Our clients. We get to work with amazing people and watching their progress is extraordinarily motivating.

8) What are your dreams for Pilates O Ka La in the future?

Expand the teacher training program, Pilates retreats, opening other studios, and maybe a holistic wellness centre.


Website: Pilates O Ka La
Instagram: @pilatesokala