Please note that I did these hikes with groups of friends and we hiked the way we desired to hike, just like how we travel the way we desire to travel.

1) Crouching Lion

They definitely call this one the crouching lion for a reason, you’ll literally be hiking up this mountain on your hands and knees like a lion at least for one part at minimum for this hike.


This is a crazy 5 hour loop hike which means there is one way up and another way down. This is a dangerous hike and people have gotten injured and killed from doing this (as with some of the other hikes in Hawaii) so please be cautious when hiking. I would recommend going with a group for this one. Starting off this hike, the entrance will literally say (DO NOT ENTER) and you will see a lot of cross signs in respect for the ones that have passed away. Have respect and enjoy the journey up this rocky mountain create by this beautiful island.


What you can expect from this hike is very steep up hill and amazing cliff scenery along the way. You will see a lot of check points to take photos. You might miss the final check out (which we did) and we ended up following the pink ribbons down to a river stream and from there the loop hike back down becomes VERY confusing and unstable pathway. If you were to do this hike, I would suggest to hike to the check point to see the view, and hike back down the same way which is what my friends and I did.

My favourite parts of this hike was see all the natural wild plants and the butterflies. You will be walking on edges that will get your adrenaline pumping. And a all around challenging hike with a rewarding feeling at the top. You will definitely need a full day for this one!!

2) Manoa Falls

Manoa Falls is not too far of a bus ride to get to from Waikiki. My hiking group and I did this trail around 4pm which wasn’t recommended by our bus driver BUT it is definitely recommended by me!!


This is a short hike inside a jungle sort of vibe with beautiful plants and dirt paths. Nothing too steep and definitely a good hike to start off with. Once you reach the top, you will see the water fall with a pool of fresh Hawaiian water. Don’t just stand there and snap pictures, GET IN THERE. Even if your in your underwear, jump in.

After our swim it was about sunset and we hiked down with our iPhone lights blasting trap music because we were the only ones hiking back down. I mean you could definitely do this hike the normal way, but what’s the fun in that?

3) Diamond Head

This Hike has the word tourist stamped all over it but don’t take it for granted, the views are still dope af!

With a $1 fee admission at entrance, Diamond Head Hike is another short and sweet hike with safe railings and a couple set of stairs (nothing too crazy) that will bring you to the top of the best Waikiki views. All you will see is shades of ocean blues, not a single thing to complain about.


Once you get to the top you will also see a tourist look out point with everyone crowding around the railings. Climb up to the top of the concrete box (which no one does) so you can get the best photo angles and space to enjoy the view without having to be squished amongst everyone. Maybe do a handstand on top of the edge while at it.


4) Koko Head

This hike is basically the step master but Hawaiian mountain edition. And a lot more challenging then it looks.

I would recommend doing this one for sunrise because once 2pm hits and your half way up Koko head, you might just think about turning back around and calling it a day. Uh yes that happened to me the first time… in my defence I was also hung over.

What you can expect from this hike is planks on planks of wood working up to a steep ass incline. One step off and it may be one hell of a fall so no shame in using hands and knees! Baby steps my friend for this one.


At the top you will see a beautiful landscape of mountains, craters, the sunrise, and the satisfaction of completing the ultimate step master challenge in your life. Now to get back down…


5) Pink Pill Box

Over to the west end of Oahu near electric beach there is the pink pill box hike in support of breast cancer.


This is another straight forward hike but somehow I always find myself getting lost and going off track. We ended up climbing this huge rock wall that was literally like rock climbing extreme and it took us to the top near the pink pill box… but for all you that want to take the obvious path way up – yes there is a dirt path!

At the top, you will find one of the most breath taking views with the beautiful dark blue ocean, roads, and cars just passing by. It’s beautiful, just seeing everything move from up top. And of course you can have a photoshoot up here as well.

6) Tidal Pools

This isn’t necessarily a typical hike but I would consider it as a next level down hill hike. This is another adrenaline pumping one that will need patience, good shoes, and time. Getting down to the tidal pools, you need to climb down this HUGE wall of rocks that can basically be the fall to your death if your not careful.


At the bottom you’ll be rewarded with your own personal salt water pool (hence the name tidal pools) which has the most clear water I’ve ever seen and majestic fishes swimming all around you as you float away in bliss. It is a very peaceful place and I always find it special to come to places like this to enjoy the nature with your adventure crew.


7) Pali Puka Lookout


Ending off on a strong hike and my favourite, the Pali Puka Hike. There is something about this hike that really just hits it right at home with me. It has the part where you get to hike in a jungle, the part where you get to climb rocks, the part where you get to hike across cliff edges, the part where your head is in the clouds with the earth in front and the mountains behind you. This is a very special hike for me and it was incredible enjoyable.

If you are afraid of hikes, there are path ways where you can avoid the edges.