1) Olive and Oliver

Right beside Surf Jacks Hotel is Olive and Oliver which is a small on the go coffee shop/ boutique. This cute place has everything cute. Cute clothes (mega expensive tho $$$), cute store lay out, and cute coffee in their cute coffee cups. SEWWWW CUTEEE IM DYINGGG. Yes I had a full photoshoot with their cups and cup holder thing (#noshame) that says “Aloha” and “Take me away” which is the ONLY coffee shop where you’ll find these that will make your IG handle look cool. Keep in mind that Olive & Oliver is only a on the go coffee stop so they don’t have tables and chairs for you to sit on.



2) Kona Coffee Purveyors

Right in the centre of Waikiki is Kona Coffee Purveyors which is literally located in the most tourist area possible which is why you should come here early in the mornings (before all there pastries are gone!). I went here for a tinder date and got the Cold Brew which was really refreshing on a hot day in Hawaii. Oh ya, also a great tinder spot for your Hawaiian dates too with their outdoor patio;)

3) Chad Lou’s Coffee

Alright so this place makes the best Chai Latte’s. Forget about the coffee dudes, you gotta try the Chai Latte here (and get it cold on ice!!). This place has a very boho feel to their cafe with bohemian textile, cute pottery for sale, and a great hang out spot to chill at with friends. I was totally contemplating on getting a coffee at first but the girl at the cash recommended the Chai Latte Cold so that’s what I got and it was just a miracle in a mason jar. My sister got the coffee and it was good too but trust me the Chai latte is the way to go.

4) Coffee Gallery

If your in the North Shore, I would say this is the best coffee shop in Hale’iwa (town). It’s in the shopping plaza making it easy to get to, a outdoor patio to relax with your coffee, and you get a bomb ass menu with unique small batched coffee they can make. Try out their Specialty Espresso Drinks too!


This cafe is seriously the cutest modern hippie coffee shop EVER. There is no way you would miss this coffee shop while your walking down the street because they always have these huge fluffy umbrella for their outside patio. When you walk into ARVO, your eyes will literally be that heart face emoji dude because everything is set up so beautifully. You have a flower crown work shop to your left, some plants and cute accessories in the centre and to your right is where you order your coffee or brunch. I could literally spend all day in this store just admiring the whole lay out and decor of everything – I’m sorry this paragraph is so long plz understand my excitement LOL!

The coffee selection is very unique at ARVO. You can get your regular coffee OR you can get this cool blue tidal coffee on their secret menu. They also have a really neat brunch menu besides the coffee’s they serve such as their avo and toast, salmon and toast, nutella and toast.

Overall, 10/10 for venue and 8/10 for pricing and all.



6) Coffee Bean

So Coffee Bean is basically like the Starbucks in Canada so I guess it’s like the Hawaiian Starbucks?? You will see Starbucks almost everywhere in the tourist locations in Oahu but if your in Hawaii, you might as well go to Coffee Bean and try something different that you don’t usually have from wherever your from! It’s the basic affordable to-go coffee that will do the trick to get you started for the day.

If you are looking for more information on visiting Hawaii, check out this article from Funlocity (a travel company in Hawaii) for more fun information to living Aloha!