1) Hammock

Especially if your travelling to a tropical place, a light weight compact hammock is a definite travel essential that reserves a spot in your backpack. Whether your spending time at the beach or need a cover to throw over when it suddenly rains it comes in as such a handy thing to carry with you. And let’s just say you suddenly need a place to stay the night, all the hostels are booked up or you’ve exceeded your budget, you can always rely on your hammock to give yourself a bed for the night.

I personally used the parachute hammock from Hammock Universe which was the best thing I brought with me on my hike through the Napoli Coast in Kauai. Completely water proof and was able to fit two people no problem. This hammock can be scrunched into a bag that it comes with, can be attached to your hiking bag to carry, and is durable to with stand weather plus also be used for leisure purposes. Would recommend to grab one for Hammock Universe on your next adventures!

2) TEP Wireless

As you may know, roaming on your celly can be disgustingly expensive especially if you are travelling in a foreign country. TEP Wireless is a Hot Spot that enables you to connect multiple devices from iphone to ipads to mac books to your friends phone lol. It charges you a flat rate of $6 per day (24 hours) once turned on and activated. This is definitely a travel essential that will save you loads of money from your cellphone bill when your travelling. The last thing you want to be doing when your out wandering is worrying about if your able to get to your destinations safely without breaking your bank account when you get back home!

3) Scruba Bag

If your a Hostel type of traveller, I would recommend looking into getting yourself one of these Scruba Bags. Instead of using the sink and washing your clothes (don’t judge the way we travel lol) you can get one of these bags that basically works as your portable washing machine. You put in your dirty clothes in the bag, throw in some soap, scrub away, and hang your clothes to dry! Super easy to use, you get clean clothes without having to spend money on doing laundry, and it weighs about the same as a plastic bag.

4) Birks

Comfortable shoes are one of the most important things to consider when your travelling. It’s what will get you through your days comfortably and it’s definitely worth the investment. Personally for me, I really hate wearing sneakers or any closed toe shoes unless it’s required of me to for long hike or something. But what I literally live in are my Birks (aka Birkenstocks) that are life savers. They are the most comfortable thing to wear and it literally makes me so happy to be wearing such comfortable sandals LOL. I do everything in them, even small hikes. I’m so sad to have gotten them stolen during my trip in Mexico that I realized how important it is for me to have Birks with me for every trip. Those of you who are unfamiliar with Birks, they are basically thick strapped sandals that are made with material that are able to imprint your foot structure making it customized to your feet size.

5) Smaller Knapsack included in your Bigger Bag

You absolutely need to bring a smaller bag IN your main bag. As much as it feels like you really wouldn’t use a smaller bag, trust me you will. When your going hiking, shopping, grocery shopping, eating, going out drinking, etc. You are obviously going to be bringing a bag with you and the best sort of bag is a small portable knapsack that can carry your wallet, phone, money etc. My main backpack I use when traveling is my Eagle Creek Bag which actually comes with a attached portable small knapsack with it making it SOOOOOOO convenient when I’m doing stuff everyday. I use the smaller bag just as much as I use the bigger one so you can see how much I would highly suggest to keep that in mind in your what to bring list!