Waikiki Beach

Starting off basic but also not so basic is Waikiki Beach. It is the most common beach on Oahu because of it’s location. Waikiki is a tourist area so be expecting a lot of people on the beach, a great spot for beginner surfers, and all in all the best beach to start off in Oahu. My personal favourite time to head to Waikiki Beach is at night when it’s quiet and there’s not much people. You have room to yourself at night and you can star gaze with the city behind you.


Travellers Tip: Would recommend setting up a Hammock in the Morning to watch the sunrise and getting some floaties and watching the sunset on Waikiki Beach at night (which not much people do and I don’t know why!!)

Ala Moana Beach

This beach is right across the Ala Moana Shopping Centre making it a great location to spend your day. A family oriented beach with calm waters to do paddle boarding and swimming. My favourite beach to nap at!


Hanauma Bay

Be prepared with your $7.50 for entrance fee to snorkel here but it’s worth every penny to be at the most magical place in Oahu. Here you can find Dory and Nemo and swim side by side with the most beautiful fishes, just don’t touch them! Definitely worth it to check this place out for a unreal experience. I would definitely suggest spending the day here to take breaks between your snorkel sessions to lay down on the sand and enjoy sun.


Travellers Tip: Between 4pm-closing time at Hanauma Bay, you can get in for FREE. Take advantage backpackers!

Kailua Beach

One of my favourite beaches to jump into for a swim. Why I think this is one of the best swim beaches in Oahu is because of the sand underneath the water when your going in for a dip. It isn’t rocky like some of the other beaches making it really easy to just jump in without worrying about your foot stabbing into a rock lol. It’s also not as crowded as Waikiki so you have the freedom to have more space to do whatever you want. It definitely has a more family beach vibe where families come by with music, their cute kids, and huge festive meals. It’s a great chill, swim, relax type of beach in Hawaii.

Lanikai Beach

Known as one of the most beautiful beaches in Oahu. The sand is very soft and white, with loads of colourful boats lined up at bay which just adds to the whole picture perfect beach vibe. Lanikai Beach is also known for it’s two stones that can be seen out in the waters. People love taking IG photos here, blasting some chill edm tunes, heading out to kayak or boating, and sun bathing.

Three Tables Beach

This beach it situated as the front yard of the Backpackers Hostel up in North Shore. With majestic sand underneath your toes, the peace of not having a single soul around, why not do some yoga during sunrise? Or grab a couple buds and case of beer… or that.


Sharks Cove

If your looking for a unique family friendly snorkel location in the North Shore, this spot is for you. With easy access to snorkel gear right across the street, you can snorkel for free in shallow area near land making it real convinent for safe snorkeling for the young ones.

Waimea Bay

Known for it’s cliff jumping rock and body boarding waves. See photo below. If that doesn’t entice you to go I don’t know what would…


Pipeline Beach

The IT spot for experienced surfers that can catch some of the best waves on earth. And even if you don’t surf, just sitting on the sand and watching the surfers take on these waves like it’s nothing is the most mesmerizing thing. Sunset Beach is also side by side to Pipeline which is basically just combines into a huge stretched out beach to walk along and personally one of my favourite places to watch the sunset in North Shore.


Turtle Bay

For a more tourist feel to a North Shore beach, I would go for the this beach. It is a beach right beside the Turtle Bay Resort so you can expect lawn chairs, volley balls, and just more people in general compared to the rest of the beaches in the North. The waves are more calm here for swimming and it’s overall a relaxing spot.

Laniakea Beach

AKA the beaches with turtles!! If your looking to see first hand a turtle basking on land, it will most likely be at this beach. Keep your eyes peeled at the open waters, because that rock might just be a turtle shell. This beach is filled with large rocks so the space to chill is small but it’s definitely worth while for the views. I think Forgetting Sarah Marshall was filmed at this place apparently…


Electric Beach

If your heading to the west end of Oahu, that is known to be a more local area with local beaches. At Electric, it’s another great snorkelling beach and spear fishing with it’s mildly calm waves and a small bay area. The beach is small and not much people know about it, so it’s definitely on the list to check out.