1) Cliff Jumping at Waimea Bay

If the tides are low, you definitely have to hit up Waimea Bay known for it’s cliff jumping rock that will sure get your heart racing. For all you crazy travellers seeking adrenaline rushes, this is a must do in North Shore.


2) Grab Your Super Fresh Pineapple Juice!!

Following up from a strong #1, after your adrenaline rush from Waimea Bay, grab a pineapple drink from this friendly guy that is always parked in the Waimea Bay Parking Lot that sells super fresh Dole Plantation pineapple drinks.


3) Midnight to Daylight North Shore Bike Rides

Rent a bike at the Backpackers Hostel for $5 a day! The beautiful thing about North Shore Oahu is that you really don’t need a car to get around. All you need is your cruiser and you can basically get to any beach around the area!! There’s something special about biking around in North Shore. Would highly recommend midnight bike adventures as well!! Just be careful because once you past Waimea Bay, your biking on the highways…which is the fun part :p

4) Surfer Acai Bowls from Haleiwa Bowls

Acai is a HUGE must eat in Hawaii and if you’re up in North Shore you have to hit up my all time favourite Acai place, Haleiwa Bowls. Every place in Oahu makes their Acai different but Haleiwa Bowls makes this special Surfer Bowl which is basically like frozen ice cream but Acai version that tastes heavenly.


5) Turtle Watching on Laniakea Beach

There is a particular beach in North Shore that is known to have turtles come up to the sand to bask. There’s no particular day or time of the day that can be tracked on when the turtles come up to bask so just stop by and enjoy the beautiful beach and if your lucky, you can chill with turtles! Just don’t touch them – let the wild stay wild.

6) Take a photo with the famous painted wings in Hale’iwa

Do it for the GRAM!!! You will only find these special pair of wings in Hale’iwa so if you stop by town, head near the San Lorenzo Bikini boutique and you’ll be sure to find these wings painted on the wall across the street.


7) Beach Hopping

There are a ton of the most unreal beaches in North Shore and if you only have one day there, I would highly suggest beach hopping to every single one of them. And if you are beach hopping, don’t rush it. Spend at least an hour at each beach and really take it all in. The view, the sand, the water, and the atmosphere. It’s surreal.


8) Drink a Coconut from a Coconut Tree

I think it’s a given that this is on the list. There are coconut trees almost everywhere but you do have to be careful on which tree you decide to grab a coconut from. If it’s on someones property, that’s illegal… unless their willingly to offer some from their tree!!


9) Surfing… and the Triple Crown or Billabong Pipe Masters Surf Competition

If your a experienced surfer or you just simply love watching people surf, North Shore is the place for you. You can find a lot of great surf spots such as Pipeline Beach, Sunset Beach, or near by town Hale’iwa.

During surf season which is typically around the month of November and December you can plan your trip around these two major events happening in North Shore Hawaii, the Triple Crown hosted by Vans or the Pipe Masters hosted by Billabong. It’s definitely a great laid back event to hang out by the beach and watch surfers from all over the world catch those waves like it’s nothing. P.S you’ll also see a lot of hotties just saying 😉

10) Late Night Chills on the Beach, Star Gazing, and Maybe a Bon Fire?

In North Shore Oahu, there are no clubs or any sort of nightlife party scenes like Waikiki. So just grab a six pack of Big Dave’s Beer and hit up any of the beaches at night to chill out, watch the stars, and start a bon fire with some friends. It’s pretty secluded in North Shore so your most likely to have the beach to yourself which is really nice.

11) Explore Hale’iwa

If your hitting up North Shore, you definitely have to take a day to shop all the local boutiques and stores in Hale’iwa which is the only big town up in the North. There you’ll find a bunch of really cool and trendy stores anything from fashionable boho wear, food trucks, famous shave ice stores, cute coffee shops, local souvenir stores, and more!

Travellers Tip: Right before entering Hale’iwa, stop by the best coffee and macadamia farm where you can purchase some locally grown coffee grounds and nuts. You’ll see a brown paper sign that says Coffee right before entering Hale’iwa!

12) Stay at the Backpackers Hostel

There is only one Hostel in North Shore which is the Backpackers Hostel. This hostel is basically situated in a Jungle like environment surrounded by Guava and Papaya trees which is really cool. Foodland is right next door making grocery shopping really easy, everyone is always down to meet new people, and you’ll always find a new travel buddy to go off with for the new adventures for the next day.


13) Horseback Riding with Hawaii Polo Trails

Grab a friend and take a horse back ride on a beautiful exclusive beach with Hawaii Polo Trails. For a 30 minute back ride, you get to see some of the most amazing views of the island while your riding on majestic, well trained horses that will guide you between the ocean and the mountains. The most breathe taking views for sure.

14) Local Farmers Market Every Thursday!

Grab your local goodies at this Farmers market every Thursday right across from Waimea Bay. Here you can check out some of the best local foods in town, do your organic grocery shopping, or simply just chill out at this market with peacocks. Yup peacocks.


15) Get Yourself the Best Cream Pie Experience in your Life.

For all the foodies, you must check out Ted’s Bakery in North Shore. Home of the original Chocolate Haupia Cream Pie which is the only place you will ever get to try out this amazingness with it’s home made haupia (creamy coconut pudding) yummmmm.