I’m usually not the type that has a favourite restaurant or raves about a particular place but I’ve got to say things have changed and there’s a new place in my heart that I have to share with all you foodies.

During my trip in Hawaii, I got to personally experience some fine dining at BLT Market which is a beautiful restaurant located inside situated at the top floor of Ritz-Carlton Residences, a open venue, and lounge with easy access to the incredible view of Waikiki… and oh wait – take a step down and your at the infinity pool!! It gets better, keep reading.




To begin with this food adventure blog post at BLT Market, for starters I had this amazing Tapioca Flour Bread with Hawaiian Sea Salt on the butter spread which tasted so good I practically ate the whole thing, no shame. They also bring out some small samples to get your taste buds going which is beautifully layed out and tastes just as good as it looks.



To conclude for starters, everything tasted so good that I couldn’t wait for what I had ordered for the rest of my night. Here is a break down of my top pics at BLT Market:

Drink: Market Mai Tai

Don Q Silver Rum, Don Q Anejo Rum, Orange Curaçao, Orgeat, Pineapple Juice, Guava Juice, Dark Rum Float, Pineapple Wedge, Brandied Cherry… $16


I’m starting off this list strong (literally) with my drink of choice. Mai Tai is one of the signature Hawaiian Drink’s I’ve heard of so of course I had to order myself one. It is typically based on rum, Curaçao liqueur, orgeat syrup and lime juice and what I like to similarly compare it in terms of style is to a Long Island Ice Tea – but a bit stronger in taste and nothin’ wrong with that!

Starters: Kualoa Ranch Oysters

on the half shell, wasabi cocktail sauce, mignonette… $28



I also got to specially try out the fresh Kualoa Ranch Oysters which were locally sourced in Oahu. Served in the half shell, includes a wasabi cocktail sauce for a kick in flavour and mignonette. You can taste how fresh and high quality their Oysters are, if you love seafood this is definitely a top pick. I love that BLT Market uses a lot of local ingredients which they incorporate into their signature dishes. It’s authentic to culture and really speaks out to their roots as a restaurant.

First: Charred Octopus

Kahuku corn, marcona almond gremolata, Mari’s Garden purple spinach



This has got to be one of the highlights on the menu. The ultimate seafood fish for you foodies. You got your fresh Octopus, savory mix of veggies, and a bit of bread to ease and bring together the whole plate. Everything included in this dish was thought out very well with all the flavours. It’s light weight and doesn’t make you feel extremely bloated after eating which is what I love when I go out to eat. You feel satisfied in what your eating but not over bloated like you want to roll out of the restaurant. I would order this again if I were to go back to BLT Market.

Seconds: Dhana Dal Crusted Ono

clams, grilled Tokyo Negi, scallion soubise… $34



Another amazing choice to choose on the BLT Market menu is the Dhana Dal Crusted Ono. I love the two different sauces they use which the first is melted onion for a green sauce which is more rich is taste while the second is leek pureed which is light and possess a earthy authentic taste that compliments the entire dish so well. Beautiful presentation, a lot of care and thought put into the creation of this dish. A one of a kind dish using a lot of flavours put together you wouldn’t be able to find else where.

Sides: Molokai Sweet Potato

Sweet Land Farm goat cheese gratin… $10


Cheese and potato lovers… yes I’m talking about 99% of the world. You will absolutely love this Molokai Sweet Potato side and you definitely can’t go wrong with this choice. The perfect layer of cheese overtop purple sweet potato.

Desserts: Housemade Ice Cream & Sorbet

Your choice of three flavours… $9



Overall, I’m so impressed with this restaurant. I was blown away with how good the food tasted for a non-usual fine dining type of person. It is honestly the perfect restaurant for a laid back yet luxurious diner. My older sister is a huge foodie and the luxurious type of eater while me on the other hand is a very easy and laid paid diner. And I remember right after my meal at BLT Market I messaged her and told her this is the absolute perfect restaurant for the both of us. Because sometimes you go somewhere to eat and it only caters to one type of person and lifestyle of that type of person. But with BLT Market it’s very diverse and unique. The staff were professional, friendly, and island chill. I loved everything about this restaurant from the food to the people to the lay out and all in all it really created what fine dining should feel like in my personal opinion.

BLT market’s entire staff are also incredibly knowledgable on exactly what ingredients they use when they locally source their ingredients. For instance, they would go on team trips to the Kualoa Ranch to catch shrimps and to learn and experience from ground up on what ingredients they are using and about the Hawaiian Islands. Personally to me, a restaurant can just be like any regular restaurant like the millions we have out there. But what really stands out to me at BLT Market is how much they value culture, their employees, their local ingredients, the Hawaiian Land. If your looking for a luxurious yet local experience, I would highly HIGHLY recommend trying out BLT Market whenever your travelling to Oahu. Hands down my favourite restaurant not only in Hawaii but in my books.