During my trip in Hawaii my skin was always exposed to the hot Hawaii weather from the warm sun rays to the sea salt water, it was paradise. But my skin was severely dry throughout my trip I admit, I’m guilty of not moisturizing my skin.

So just as I arrive back to Ottawa, it just so happens to drop in temperature (just my luck) and starts dumping snow!!!! Besides me burying my face in 10 blankets, wear two pairs of socks, and eating smarties to make me feel better about not being in Hawaii – I’ve taken the time to treat my skin very well to re-nourish and protect my skin with the damages I’ve caused during my trip.

So to break it down to you, I’m using Aiona Alive with their 3 step skincare routine products which includes a full set of skincare products to ensure your skin is only taking in completely chemical free, natural ingredients.

As my cleanser, I start off using the Aiona Alive e-citrus exfoliating cleanser which is made with 100% natural ingredients with live collagen (which is a ingredient I heard great things about). I’m really picky when it comes to cleansers because I really only like foam cleansers or at least products that lather into a foam. I just find it much more gentle on my skin when it’s foam and I like that it creates a barrier from my hands to my skin. With the e-citrus exfoliating cleanser, it comes off as a clear product but once I lather it into my hands it turns into a really nice foam which I love using. Very light on my skin, great for sensitive users.

Next I use the Aiona Alive moisturizing serum which is made with pure hyaluronic acid. This serum is a clear formula which you dab around your eyes and apply a generous amount on your face. You’ll feel a slight tingle with this serum which you immediately follow up with the mask while the serum is still wet. I apply the e-ternal gold collagen leave on mask on my face which you will feel your skin tighten once the two products dry together. Last but not least, I apply the Aiona Alive moisturizing creme over top everything which is essentially the cherry on top for a jam packed moisturizing routine. This creme is extremely hydrating and it literally feels like my dry skin is quenching moisture from this creme which is what it needs!!! Apply a generous amount on your face and you’ll feel your skin replenished and plump when you wake up the morning after from the skincare set.

All in all, I really like using this whole skincare set now that I’m back in this winter weather. It’s doing my skin perfectly – no break outs, fully moisturized, and gives me an enjoyable experience when I’m doing my beauty care routine. Take a look at the Aiona Alive website to check out these products. Until next time xx