So for some reason majority of people always associated healthy and not that delicious tasting food to vegetarian food WHICH I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY!!! Like I mean cheese and meat are pretty good but have you ever had cauliflower wings from pure yoga kitchen??

Bam that was intro to my first restaurant foodie veggie Saturday’s review – should this be a new segment on my blog? I always wanted to write food reviews so this is spontaneously my first one cause I just felt like doing one today LOL and legit I’m writing this right after I finished my meal in the restaurant on my iPhone notes.

I’ve actually been having some thoughts on trying out being vegetarian for a month which I was kinda doubting myself cause I seriously love eating meat and jerk chicken and stuff (hope I don’t offend anyone by saying that). But after eating at Pure Kitchen Ottawa, I realized how many vegetarian options are available and how friggin good everything tasted. I saw a glimpse of hope that I could make it through one month of being vegetarian (which I will write a blog post about once I start lol).


So first things first, I absolutely love the whole atmosphere and decor that Pure Kitchen has. It’s like one of those place you walk into and your like man I would be down to own this cute restaurant. Plus I’m a huge yogi so it hits it right at home. The service was incredible and the food was amazing – I have no complaints.



My sister and I ordered the Radical Cauliflower Wings which taste EXACTLY LIKE KOREAN CHICKEN WINGS. It was so good guys – I’m still shedding happy tears thinking about it. This is a must get if your planning on heading out to Pure Kitchen. We also got a small Fantastic Bowl which is a asian style veggie bowl with rice noodles, peanut sauce, and a bunch of other goodness. That was REALLY good as well. This bowl had the maple-tamari tofu steaks that tasted amazing with the peanut sauce and rice noodles. I would also recommend to share a couple dishes if you were to go so that your able to have a taste of more things instead of just eating one thing. So for instance my sister and I shared a small bowl and also got the Elevated Burger with kale salad on the side and that was more than enough for the both of us! The Elevated Burger has no bun which is great if your looking to cut down on carbs. The cauliflower patty was topped with onion rings, avo, greens, and this really good house made cole slaw that was addicting to eat. All in all the food was filling and I felt really satisfied after and just good about myself in some sense – not like the whole bloated kinda feeling you get from eating a four cheese burger or something and have to take a massive shit after lol.




Lastly the dessert we got was a carmel banana cake from Thimble Cakes. Most of their desserts are from other local bakery’s which is pretty neat. This cake in particular was vegan and gluten free which surprisingly tasted good. The frosting was definitely the best part.