Currently the weather in Ottawa is dropping down quite a bit which I’m not a huge fan of but there is something I really love about Fall Fashion which is always a plus with seasons changing. Knit sweaters, soft scarves, little booties, a staple jacket, and a whole lot of hoodies and layering happening is what I think of for the fall. And one piece in particular I wanted to talk about today are Fall Sunglasses! Not what we were expecting right?

Even though sunglasses aren’t the first thing you think of when you think of Fall Fashion but it’s something I wear a lot during the mornings and sunny afternoons. I finally landed a pair of exclusive sunglasses made in house from Clearly Canada. If you haven’t heard of this company, it is the best online destination if your looking for fashion and quality eye wear. From a wide range of glasses to sunglasses to contact, this company has it all when it comes to providing the best services for what your looking for! I will do a post on their glasses soon but today I wanted to specifically talk about their Love Marilyn sunglasses.

These sunglasses by Clearly Ca have literally been the only pair of sunglasses I’ve been wearing since I’ve received them in the mail. I love that they fit my face perfect and have a modern yet fun feel to them. The two toned colours with the marble at the front rims and the sides with a pink compliment each other so well and I just love the colour combination. It’s something that’s unique and different that will get’s me my fav questions such as “where did you get those?? I never seen them around before”. My favourite type of response from people because it shows that you stand out from what your wearing and not just something that everyone has sort of deal.

The quality of these sunglasses are extremely well made, you can just tell by looking at them and the way they feel on as well. I use to never really been one to splurge on things and I would go for quantity over quality but I’ve come to realize that it’s worth the money to spend a little more on something that you know will stick around with you for a while. Because in the end the amount you spend on countless cheaper items that you throw away in the back of your closet will probably add up to the amount you spend on one quality piece that you’ll actually get more wears out of.

Shop Clearly if your needing a new pair of sunnies or glasses for the Fall! They have a huge selection of beautiful frames with fast shipping time and great customer service. I highly recommend giving this company a try 🙂 Hope you enjoyed this post, until next time xx