One of my favourite plant-based online beauty stores has to go to Plant Makeup. I’ve previously written a review on this company but I wanted to write another one (cues DJ khaled’s voice) because Jess who is the creator of this beautiful company is just so lovely to partner up with and her website is SO beautiful and literally the definition of goals like I could just stare at her website layout forever and her products are healthy, natural, and special PLUS she’s such a sweet heart to talk to about her passion with her store. So yeah that was a long sentence as to why I’m doing this review so let’s just get started:



What I’ve been using a lot lately from Plant Makeup is there Glow Stick which is a basically like a creamy bronzer in a stick. It’s really easy to use and contours my egg head wonderfully lol! Bronzer is a ESSENTIAL in my makeup routine because I’m so pale and unfortunately don’t have strong facial features or jaw line like them tumblr babes but das okay I still love me and love my Glow Stick haha. Okay so how I personally use this Glow Stick is I would put on my sunscreen (pls use sunscreen guys – always) which I then follow up with whatever cover up I feel like using that day which could be; foundation, bb cream, just concealer or just facial primer, or nothing at all! So whichever one I choose, I do that and I then follow up with the Glow Stick. The formula in the Glow Stick is nicely pigmented so all I really need is one swatch across the groove in my face where I usually apply bronzer. I then use my fingertips to rub the product in and blend it out to the places I want to contour (you could use a beauty blender for this as well)! Then I follow up with a powder or a bronzer powder over top of the Glow Stick and it gives me a really nice dreaming beach goddess look – whatever that looks like in your head lol but I’m sure it’s majestic. To add to all the majestic-ness happening on my face, I add the pink rose shimmer balm from Plant Makeup which works lovely as a summer kissed highlight!


Next onto the Hair goodies – I received a sample size of their shampoo and conditioner and it’s definitely a really interesting product to try. The scent and texture of her plant-based hair care is definitely a change from what they sell on the market. These two products have a more water consistent texture compared to a creamier feel with traditional shampoo and conditioner and the smell is more herbal as well. I personally have very greasy hair so I think I more so like using the plant based shampoo and conditioner as a hair rinse rather than a wash. But all in all I am trying to make the switch to plant-based products in my beauty care. For instance, after a day at the Rainbow Beach Body Oil to soothe my skin after a long day in the heat for relief.

Lastly – I’m burning for romance for these incense of pink rose. I’ve been really into smudging and sage sticks for aromatherapy purposes, removing negative energy, and to purify my space. I’m obsessed with these little cute pink rose burning cones from Plant Makeup which are handmade and made with a strong rose scent. Such a beautiful experience burning these cones. I love that they are so easy to burn as well because they sit up well and burn all the way down and they create this beautiful flow of smoke! Would definitely recommend you to try these incense cones especially if it’s your first time. I would burn 4 romance anytime.