Working out the booty is great but the stretch marks that comes along with it… not so great.

I’ve been doing yoga for a quite sometime now and of course as you know, there’s a lot of stretching involved with that. The only part of my body where I have seen noticable stretch marks are my bum. And even then, stretch marks are normal and almost everyone has it so don’t be so ashamed of it. It’s okay to talk about it. I have some friends that have stretch marks on other places on their bodies like their legs for instance from growing taller in their teenage years. We all have different bodies and were all going through different types of transitions through our journey in life so be mindful when commenting on other peoples physique and be kind to yourself cause it’s true – we are our own worst critics.

I put together a post on two products that I’ve been really liking and using to help target stretch marks and cellulite using powerful natural ingredients. Let’s get started!

1) Nobody But Joe – Coffee Scrub

In the shower I really love using body exfoliators and scrubs on my skin, they just make my skin feel so nice and smooth! I would recommend using the Sunset Tangerine Coffee Scrub made with a combination of Arabica Coffee and nourishing oils such as a tangy scent of Orange Peel Oil! Right when you open the package you get this hit of a refreshing paradise scent from the mixture coffee scent and citrus scent, it smells so nice #crying. So how I use this product – I would rinse my body with warm water which I then take a spoon full of the scrub to exfoliate my face and body. For extra skin penetration – leave the scrub on for 3-5 minutes before washing off. When your rubbing the scrub onto your skin, put in extra time to the spots you want to target with stretch marks and cellulite. An exfoliate scrub is great to remove those dead skin cells as well and as a base for the next product you use on your skin after your shower. You will instantly feel how smooth and soft your skin feels after using this scrub, I’m obsessed with this product.

This scrub is also great for acne, eczema, psoriasis, dry skin and includes vitamin e to help with cell repair!


2) Chorus Supernatural – Contour Cream

After my shower and skin feeling mighty smooth from Nobody But Joe, I follow up with a Toning Cream which helps to improve the tone and texture of my skin additionally firming the desired spots as well! Now this product is promoted as a Cellulite cream as well for those of you looking for this product functionality but for those of you like me looking for just a good firming and toning cream it works perfectly as well. Keep in mind that cellulite and stretch marks are different when looking to target specific areas. What I love about this particular company is that they have a EWG rating on this product. If you are unfamiliar with EWG, it is a website that rates beauty products on a scale to showcase if they are publicaly safe to use on your skin. This Contour Cream received a EWG rating of 2 which is very good and I can rest in ease using this product on my skin.

Active botanical ingredients includes: black pepper, cinnamon, evening primrose and ginger

Well that marks the end of those post. Hope you enjoyed reading about some of my fav’s for this particular skincare post. All links for each product are provided in this post if you were looking to shop these products. Until next time xx