To start off this post – I wanted to talk about a little story. So I remember in my first year of University when I was about 19 years old and didn’t have a clue about skincare products or the ingredients used in them, just na da. It’s bad to generalize but I feel as though majority of the younger generation are typically either unaware of what they are putting onto their skin, don’t care what they are putting onto their skin, or don’t know the harmful affects of selected ingredients and how that will affect their health in the long run.

So back in first year, I had a friend that told me about a very “good” deodorant that worked really well for her since you know I was a growing teenage – young adult and had some spice going on in the arm pits if you know what I’m saying LOL. So the girl told me to try out Dove’s Clinical Strength Deodorant which is not like the typical cheap deodorants at the shoppers, it was more of the high end kind on the deodorant scale giving me extra protection to mask the scent through out the day so I mean it had to be good to use right?? Well I’ve been using that deodorant for two year I believe (from time to time) and I recently found it on my shelf of unused products and decided to read the ingredients on the back. First thing that caught my eye? ALUMINUM.

If you know, Aluminum is commonly used in deodorant and is a ingredient you should avoid in your skincare products. And if you didn’t know – now you know. I’ve been using a toxic product on my skin and I had no clue about it! This is a lesson learnt on my end, not to trust everything people are saying. Go do your own research. You don’t even have to listen to my advice, go do your own findings which will guide you to which products to use. I’m just sharing what I’ve been finding out so I hope this helps you guys out! I know how hard it is to be aware of these sorts of things because I had no clue about the types of ingredients in beauty products until I started working for a Doctors and Dermatologists in this industry.

Now I’m going to jump into the review on a company I came across called Blue Beautifly which is all natural anti-aging company made in Califonia specializing in creating vegan and organic beauty products.

Leaf Infusion Deodorant (all skin types)


The first product I’m going to be talking about is their natural roll-on deodorant which is a great alternative to the harmful aluminum based ones sold in the market. Before trying out this product I have previously tried a natural deodorant before but it was created in a paste form in a jar where you would scoop a pea size out in your hands to apply it on your arm pits. Personally I like the functionality of this roll-on deodorant much better then the paste one because majority of the time – I ain’t got no time to unscrew a jar and scoop out some product to rub into my arm pits lol!! It’s all about preference and lifestyle in the end so the choice is up to you.

Some key things I want to mention about this plant-based Leaf Infusion Deodorant is that it is created with ingredients such as Sage, Thyme, Witch Hazel, Rosemary and more to combat odor causing bacteria while soothing and conditioning the underarms. I like that they also include essential oils within the formula as well.

Organic Rose Toner (soothes and renews)

I’m personally really lazy when it comes to toner for some reason. It’s the step I always seem to forget and I have no idea why! What I love about the Organic Rose Toner is that it’s application is through a spray and any products that show that they are easy to use and save me 1 extra second of my time – I gravitate towards. This antioxidant and anti-inflammatory toner uses rose which is a skin enhancing ingredient used for centuries. Simply spray this toner on after your cleanse which helps to strengthen, regenerate, and regulates moisture and sebum production.

Antioxidant Serum (renews and protects)


The last product I will talk about is this serum which I have been using every morning after my cleanse. This one is particular contains active ingredients such as Green Tea, Cranberry, Rosehip, Rose which helps to enhance the skin and heal your skin from environmental damage. While their ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, which are all very powerful ingredients are combined together to naturally renew and moisturize your skin. Again they use essential oils such as Tangerine, Lavender, and Jasmine to elevate mood 🙂

I personally felt like I learnt a lot as well from writing up this post and I hope you took a few things here and there from this post! If your looking for a great line of natural skincare products to try out… well – I’m hosting another giveaway in collaboration with Blue Beautifly for one lucky winner to win themselves these three products!!

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