I have some really fresh clothing picks for you guys that gives off that laid back kinda style. Recently went on a mini road trip with a couple friends to my friend Alison’s beautiful place and this was one of the outfits I wore. I’m repping two brands here; Team LTD which is a lifestyle brand based in Ottawa/Toronto and Made By Pavlo which is a street style sort of vibe based in the NYC. Just some really cool random facts about these two companies is for one, Team LTD (Living The Dream) is literally always at every music festival I’ve been to in Ontario which is really cool. And two, Anthony who is the creator of Made By Pavlo was telling me about how the red tie dye hoodie had some issues because the dye apparently rubbed off onto the other clothes when people were washing, which yes did happen to me even tho I was warned by him LOL (not surprised), but you know what? Some of my clothes came out looking even better with the dye mix so now I feel like I have a new selection of clothes from that dye feature haha.

Made By Pavlo hoodie, Made By Pavlo floral ball cap, Team LTD floral swim shorts

Also put together a few photos on how I wore this outfit. I woke up early to catch the sunrise during the trip and woke up at like 5am. Usually I stare off into a distance when I’m shooting for my blog and take some pics and call it a day but this time I stared off into the sunset and sat there for a while. It was nice 🙂 Anyways if your looking to check out these two really rad companies I’ll add both their websites below.



Shop Made By Pavlo and Team LTD.