Summer is ending but I really hope my tan isn’t! Here’s the thing – I absolutely don’t participate in unsafe tanning (no tanning beds and always wear sunscreen)! Being extremely pale by nature, it’s difficult for me to get a full on bronzy tan. So, I decided to put Tan Towel to the test to see if they could transform casper the ghost (me) into a bronzed up casper the ghost lol.

I have never used self tanning products before so this was the first. Each Tan Towel Box comes with a varying amount of towelettes (5-50) that you can apply to your full body and face. You first wash your body completely clean and pat dry. Once your completely dry you take the Tan Towel Towelette and use it as a wipe for your entire body – it’s that simple! One tip I would recommend is putting cream or moisturizer on your hands before you use the Tan Towels so that the product doesn’t leave any sort of colour on the insides of your hands. After you use the Tan Towel on your desired areas of your body and face you wash your hands and you can put your clothes right back on (once you feel dry) and it dries clear on your skin! I’m so happy for the fact that it’s such a fast and easy process to use this and no mess whatsoever. Keep your skin dry for 6 hours and that is when the Tan Towel does it job in giving you a gradual and natural tan within that time frame. Another tip is to use the Tan Towel before going to bed so you don’t have to worry about accidentally getting water on your skin or what not.

As for the results – the next morning I definitely saw a difference in my skin colour. I looked bronzy with surprisedly after one application! I was super nervous because I thought I would look like a umpa lumpa because a lot of people have that visual when they think of self tanning going wrong. But Tan Towels gives you such a realistic tan it’s amazing. And I even started to build up on my application by following up with the BB Body Glow lotion so help maintain my tan. I really wished I took before and after photos of how much more bronze I got from after 3 applications of the Tan Towel for every week. But to give you a visual – I went from using a fair foundation/ cover up to around 3 shades darker.

I got so many compliments and comments asking what I changed in my makeup routine because I had that natural glow/ bronze to bring my colour into my complexion.

So if you are looking for a self tanning product that provides a full body from head to tow bronze finish with no streakiness and additionally with mess and a easy to use application and process, you should totally give Tan Towel’s a try!