Last week I attended the CF Rideau Centre Expansion which was an amazing event hosted to celebrate the grand expansion of one of the top destinations in Ottawa. I’m so excited about this new expansion as it now finally includes some companies I’ve been absolutely in love with and now I can finally shop with ease in my home town without having to trek so far (Anthropologie, Simons, Loie, Nyx, Squish Candy, and more)!!

This exclusive event hosted by CF Rideau Centre was probably by far the best event and extremely well planned. They stayed classy with blue champagne and wine for guests, a personal photoshoot location for all the bloggers and influencers, and fancy horderves! Yet they went unique with a green carpet instead of red (thought that was super cool) and a Dessert Bar with a DIY your own donut, blue cotton candy for pleasure, and a range of macaroons. If you wanted to catch where I was, it was definitely near the all the delicious food (aka basically in heaven).

(me deciding which I should eat first)

(before picture of what into my tummy)

All guests were able to get THE first look at all the stores opening with food samples, previews of the new selections at each retailing store, and goodie bags from Squish Candy!
The Ottawa Squish Staff at The Reveal at CF Rideau Centre were the absolute best. They were incredibly engaging, friendly, and hilarious! So first off, what is Squish Candy? Think, high class vegan candy at fun and fancy parties. Squish has such unique candy choices that make the perfect thing to snack on or the perfect gift for a friend. I know I’d be super happy if anyone got me ANY candy from this store! Another thing I found really interesting with this candy store is that each selection of candies can be paired with certain foods or environments to enhance it’s taste. For instance, the rose candy is used in Champagne where it bubbles beautifully in this fizzy celebration drink 🙂

(my little photoshoot in Squish Candy)

Okay so next let me tell you a short story – Originally I went to the event without much make up on which totally worked out to my advantage because I walked into NYX which saved my face from looking like I was casting for the next season of Walking Dead to a presentable blogger at the CF Rideau Expansion haha!! This was for real a #blessed moment. And it is weird to say that it oddly felt extremely honourable to know that I was the first to be using ALL their tester products on their shelves?? I went for a simple cat eye with their utterly famous liner (which yes, is quite impressive) and a cherry lip colour. What I found really special about the NYX store was that they had a beauty bar but the twist is with iPads that played video tutorial on inspirational makeup videos for anyone that has no idea what they want to get at the store! I loved that. Definitely give NYX a look when your in Rideau next.

(my face after walking out of NYX)

And lastly, the most anticipated store for me as Anthropologie. If you know me, you’d know that I’m OBSESSED with the whole hippie, free spirit, boho, kind of styled clothing. And well, Anthropologie is basically my spirit animal (if stores were considered spirit animals). I want every single thing in that store from their candles and books to their kimonos and wrap dresses, like can I just live in this store please?? I’m out of words to even describe how happy I am that my favourite store is opened in Ottawa! Now I don’t have to trek to Montreal to splurge on these beautiful products.




Simons is also part of the CF Rideau Expansion bringing you two stories of unique and trendy selections for men and women making up for two stories in Rideau:
“Award winning firm figure3 designed the CF Rideau Centre location by incorporating and bringing Ottawa shoppers some of the most celebrated elements featured in the Simons Edmonton and Anjou, Quebec stores like high gloss, bold colour fitting rooms, decorative woven animal heads and porta pottie change rooms for young men.
Unique to this store is a separate set of stairs connecting the men’s shopping areas, allowing men to enjoy their own shopping space without having to venture through women’s fashions. The top floor of the men’s environment features large windows with a view of CF Rideau Centre’s rooftop garden.”

Once again, I want to send a very special thanks to CF Rideau for having me at The Reveal. I had such a great time and they definitely have outdone themselves with what they have inshore for Ottawa.
If your a local resident or a tourist – the CF Rideau Centre is THE place to check out!