Being truly genuinely happy is not something you can force yourself to feel or finding someone to be with you to change the way you feel about yourself. It’s a on going journey in life that only YOU can gift this pure feeling to yourself.

The reason why I’m writing this post is because I feel as though in the past few years I’ve been surrounded by people that were going through mentally hard times and always tried to seek a significant other or a momentarily dose of numbness just to fill the void of emptiness or loneliness they feel about their lives or about themselves. Everyone is suffering in their own way and it’s just a part of life. But in the end, you have to realize you have such a powerful ability to live life the way you want it to be and when you come across a undesirable feeling of sadness – the only person that can pull you back up is yourself and you really need a positive mind set in order to change the way you feel.

So I put together a list of ways you can pick yourself back up and appreciate how far you’ve come in life.

1) Surround yourself with positive people and genuinely supportive friends.
Never feel obligated to stay connected with someone that is bringing you down and that your not happy to be around. Once you have the right people in your life, your mood just instantly lifts and you’ll think to yourself how you wished you hadn’t kept the toxic people in your life for so long. Trust your gut on this one, it never lies.

2) Stay healthy and active. Eating better and being active at least once a day can do more then you can imagine. It’s a way on working on yourself and spending time to feel great. Your body will thank you for this. And don’t forget to do an activity you enjoy doing, not just for the sake of staying fit.

3) Do more of what you love. Life is way too short to NOT be doing the things you love doing. Find a hobby and a passion you feel like you always wanted to pursue and well it’s simple.. just do it. Live now or regret not fulfilling your dreams in the future.

4) Think the positive in the negative situations. Life isn’t perfect and your bound to come across places, people, or situations that bring you down. In every negative situation there is bond to be a positive. Search a little and you’ll see that life is really how you make it.

5) Drop the jealousy and comparison. One of my biggest fears in life was to be the “unsuccessful” one out of the group. And this particular scenario would always run in my head that in let’s say ten years from now, me and a couple friends would go out for lunch and everyone would be talking about their perfect lives with a full time stable job with a new furnished condo, planning a wedding with their gorgeous finance, and having what seems to be everything figured out. While I on the other hand will be single with a strong relationship with my pet pug and bottle of Wild Vines Wine living in a single bedroom with so many plants that it looks like I live in a jungle. And here’s the thing, society has set in our minds that our lives have to run a certain way in order for someone to be viewed as “someone that has it all” which is completely false. Everyone has their own path in life and the amount of income, if they have or don’t have kids, relationship status, how big your house is, the amount of followers you have on Instagram is of no way a measurement to happiness. Happiness is something that comes with being able to appreciate where you are with yourself. Jealousy is a scary feeling that I feel as though is triggered when your unhappy about a particular thing about your life or yourself and when you see someone else have something you don’t have, that’s when jealousy occurs. But know that jealousy won’t do anything for you nor will it change the situation. Again, were all going through our own battles and our own journeys in life- nobody’s life is perfect so stop spending time comparing yourself to someone else.

Life too short to be emerging yourself in other peoples lives. Live your own. And you my friend- deserve nothing less then to be truly content and happy. And for my last and most important tip for today – love yourself before finding someone to love you.