Ok so just to quickly say some things here. Omg man I literally stayed up for like 7 hours straight trying to empty out my Mac cause I have way too much shit on here lol fml and it was bugging me SOOOOO much cause I wanted to edit this video PLUS my Vegas One which I’ve been dying to show you guys but haven’t done do yet cause I SUCK WITH COMPUTERS how ironic right.

Anyway, LAST WEEKEND was amazing with some cool peeps that I really like. And I just put together a video of all my fav moments in this. So you can basically see everything that sorta went down and I realize I do like Mojitos. I thought I wouldn’t but I did.

And yeah also four wheeling in the dark vs the morning is two complete different stories. Literally felt like I was in a horror movie and that I was gunna die or something or have a crazy person jump out of the woods and attack me and my friend.

Shout out to Jake for doing a lot of filming cause sometimes I just get really lazy too and you know with my blog and stuff I film and photograph EVERYTHING all the time so it’s nice to get a break for once and have someone be like oh hey this would be a cool shot and just film it while I nap or something. But then I get to edit the whole thing and see what people filmed which is one of the best parts.

And yeah I’m like sorta in a rush rn cause I wanna go to the beach lol so this summary will have to do! Anyway, this was the perfect way to end the Summer šŸ™‚