Posh Peel Pedi Cure

First time ever trying out a foot mask and trying out the brand Patchology and I can definitely say they are way funner than facial masks! Let me first off just explain what goes down when you use this foot mask so you can understand why I love them so much. So the first off, the treatment is to be done in two sessions which each package comes with four pouches of the product ( 1 pouch per foot) and four foot baggies which is used to essentially put the product into. Then you put your foot inside each pouch and strap it onto your foot with the adjustable bags to keep onto your foot until 60 minutes which you then rinse off with water.
Side Note: they were not irritable on, I actually ended up taking a nap with the foot mask so if your worried about the comfort factor, it is definitely not a issue! And if you do plan on taking a nap like I did, just remember to set a alarm so you don’t end up having the mask on forever lol.

OK so now heres the interesting part for the mask. After you rinse your mask off, you won’t really see a noticeable difference with your feet, but don’t flip out and email a complaint!! Because after a couple days, you’ll start to notice that the mask is now able to peel off (which you didn’t really see before) and so now you can kick it back to the old times when you were a kid and peeled glue off your fingers for fun because that is exactly what it felt like but on your feet!! Some people might find it gross but I seriously was somewhat addicted to peeling the mask off my foot, it was extremely satisfying and entertaining (not in like a creepy way or anything LOL). And honestly if you don’t like the whole process of peeling off the mask, you can just take a scrub and scrub it off if it bothers you that much.

The Results – After the mask, it actually felt like I had a new fresh pair of feet. I wish I took a before and after photo because there was definitely a huge difference. I had a lot of scaring from bug bites from previous summers ago that looked like a snapping turtle bite my foot or something and I honestly thought that my scarings would be permanent but the mask definitely helped to fade them out a lot. My feet were also free from callous and the rough patches on my foot seemed to have softened. All around, I’m really impressed with the end results. On top of the amazing results of this product, it was super entertaining and enjoyable using the foot mask. The only thing that sort of bugged me about the peeling was that during that process my foot looked like it had a lot of dead skin on it, but no more than 2 days and it goes away.

I’m also trying out the Patchology mud mask and lip masks so I’ll keep you guys updated if I come across anything spectacular I want to share 🙂 Check out their website for other cool patch beauty care products they have!