Colouring books are just for kids. – Uh NOT IN MY BOOKS.

I’ve always loved colouring as a kid, and I still do now. Like literally I was drawing cotton candy watermelons two days ago to release my stress plus I was also bored. But have you guys tried those adult colouring books that are really popular now a days??

I got mine from Zen Colouring Pages which is a Ottawa based Company that has SO many different themed books from amazon to ocean to mandalas, you name it! I got their most popular one which is the classic “Let It Go” colouring book which includes 40 colouring pages and 11 stress relieving activities.

For one hour, I literally sat down and just coloured while listening to music and it was the best thing. These books are also travel friendly, to be brought on your road trips to the beaches. I find that some people aren’t a fan of reading books or they also get dizzy from reading when their in some sort of transportation. So if you are one if these people, you should totally try out a colouring book to help pass time and to relieve some of your stress.

Personally when I’m stressed out my bad habits always come out. When there’s something on my mind or I’m feeling anxious, I have a tendency to always do something with my hands – meaning I will pick at my lips or scratch my scalp. It get’s really bad guys, sometimes I think I have OCD :/ maybe I do I dunno lol.

But yea, back to the point, I need some way to physically release my stress and photography, writing, and blogging is also a big part of stress relief personally and I can see why colouring books do the trick for me. Some people may think that these colouring cooks don’t actually work in relieving stress but in my own opinion I would say it does depending on your surrounding and your mood. These books are really cute as well and have sections in their book where you make lists of what makes you happy, breathing exercises, and just letting go of the negativity.

Take a try on these books, especially if you like colouring, you’ll love them!!