If you love tea or on the go beverages, your gunna love this post! My current on the go bottle is my made by Fressko Flask which is a fruit infuser and thermos flask which is perfect to bring along with you to enjoy every sip of your drink wherever you go.

You might have come across a post I did on Tea Tank a while back which is a similar concept to made by Fressko Flask but unfortunately my Tea Tank broke a couple months back so I wanted to try out something new for my on the go beverages. So I’m going to take you through the multiple ways you can use your made by Fressko Flask and what features I love about this product. Made by Fressko Flask is a simple way to keep your beverages HOT and COLD with their Bamboo Cap and the Glass layers within the bottle. For over six hours, your beverage is sealed for instant freshness every sip you take. Your bottle will also come with a infuser which allows you to pop in loose leaf tea or tea bags and fruits to brew in your flask! The bottle itself and the packaging is extremely high quality with their double walled glass tank and bamboo cap with a vacuum seal and of course, it’s BPA free! You can get one of these shipped right to your door if you order from their website.

I recently brought my made by Fressko Flask to one of my hot yoga classes to test out it’s lasting power to see if it kept my cold water I had in before my class still cold after being in a hot room for an hour. And to my surprise, my water was kept cold throughout my entire class! This product is awesome, it’s like a functional water bottle but with upgraded features that enables you to carry hot beverages as well. Made by Fressko Flask also comes in various sizes which you can browse on their website but all in all they are so convenient to bring around. You can use it to carry your morning and afternoon tea, then fill it with cold water to use in your hot yoga studio! That’s how I like using my Fressko Flask.

You can get creative with what you decide to bring in your bottle. For instance, you can add in fruit to your tea with its infuser, or you could add in loose leaf tea/tea bags which basically gives you a bunch of options on how you decide to brew your tea.

To end off this post, here’s a tea drink you should totally try out: Use Tealee’s Cream of Earl Grey Tea in your made by Fressko Flask and add in your milk of choice (I used Almond Milk). And if your heading to the beach and wanted a cold beverage, add in a couple ice cubes in your latte to keep you nice and cool in the hot weather! Hope you enjoyed this post, until next time xx