Yes, it’s that time of the year again (also my favourite time of the year)… FESTIVAL SEASON!

The days when the weather gets warmer and summer nights gets longer! I recently went to EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) Vegas which I wore this awesome new mermaid bikini top from Elle Styles.

Elle Styles is a Canadian Festival Wear and Clubbing Wear online shop that sells everything from swim wear to rave wear to club wear. It’s a really good local source to go to if you live in Canada because it saves you that shipping money if you were to purchase your next festival outfit from for example the States. With the Canadian Dollar being shit right now, your best bet when shopping online would definitely be to stick local.

Elle Styles has a lot of products you can choose from which you can mix and match your tops and bottoms!! I got sent this beautiful Tie Front Mermaid Bikini Top which I finally got to be the majestic mermaid I always wanted to be, FINALLY. The top itself looks exactly as what the photo looks like on their website so your definitely getting what your seeing 🙂 This mermaid top has a really nice purple sheen to it and the inside is padded with a comfy linen. Searching for rave wear, swim wear, or practically anything your wearing on your body should be comfy. Especially if your dancing the whole night away at a festival, you want to be 100% comfortable in what your wearing.

Isn’t it weird that at music festivals it’s like socially acceptable to be wearing bras and underwear? While in reality people would be grillin’ you up if your bra strap is showing or something stupid like that. It’s just crazy how at music festivals, it’s seriously like being in another world (a better world in my opinion lol which I will get into more details on my opinions in another blog post). Anyway, personally at music festivals I don’t wear bras cause I hate wearing bras in general so most of the time I wear sports bras, bralettes, or swim suit tops! This Mermaid top is really good quality. I can guarantee one of your boobs will not fall out of this because I did the jump test for 10 hours straight, you can trust me haha!!

And what’s the best part about this is that a lot of people end up throwing away their festival wear after wearing it for one time but in this case you wouldn’t have to do that cause it’a a bikini top!! You can wear it to a pool party, a water park, to the beach, etc etc. I would definitely recommend Elle Styles to all my Canadian Ravers out there looking for their next outfit or summer swimwear 🙂