Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Studio Aroma takes natural healing with a modern approach in their therapeutic services offered and their special line of handcrafted body care products. They specialize in using botanic extracts and minerals to fully enhance the essence of natural healing and really revealing the true quality to ones self. Today I will be doing a review on their products, in particular their Mask Bowl Set which includes a Rose & Pearl Mask, a custom mask bowl and treatment brush, and finally a personalized face towel. Read more below on my full review on Studio Aroma’s products and some tips on what I like mixing my masks with:

Rose & Pearl Mask

Made with a beautiful pink rose powder, this mask helps to soften and tone your face to give you a glowing complexion with its included essential Vitamins (A, B3, C, D, E). Providing your skin with a at home remedy to hydration and restoration of new cell growth to stimulate your skin to smoothness.

The Differences

With facial masks, there are always so many options on what you can mix your powder mask with before application. The one ingredient that probably popped up in your head is water but there is also options such as different types of milk, honey, various essential oils, more! It’s always fun to play around with what you mix your mask with because every mixture produces a different type of mask which affects how it will sit on your face. Using the Rose & Pearl Mask, I mixed it with various types of ingredients and each and every one turned out amazing for my skin in their own way. To give you guys an idea on how each ingredient worked with the mask, I broke it down for you below:

1) Water (Wet-Dry Mask) – Starting with the basic, I tried the mask out with water and it had the type of affect on how I usually felt with at home masks where you would feel the mask tightening on your skin and would dry up around your pores. You could see the mask working from the pores shown through the mask for that deep cleanse!

2) Essential Oil (Wet-Wet Mask) – For a more luxurious mask, definitely use any essential or facial oil. This was my first time trying out a mask with a oil because I was a bit warry on the thought of having a oil based mask on my face and how I would find it uncomfortable but I was completely wrong. The mask felt amazing on my face and when I removed the mask, my skin felt like baby skin, sooo soft!! I was also sent a little bottle of Hydrosol Tonic from the Studio Aroma Line to go specifically with the mask and that worked out amazing as well. I really love the whole concept of using a essential or facial oil with a mask, definitely something I wished I tried out sooner. Note that if you are planning on using essential or facial oil, you will have to use over 10 drops in order to get a full application on your face.

3) Milk (Wet-Dry Mask) – Opposite to the oils, with milk, you literally only need two drops to mix with the mask powder for a full application on your face. Personally I find milk and water to be very similar but with milk you do get a thicker and creamier feel to the mask.

Mask Bowl Set

The whole set includes a 50ml bottle of the rose & clay mask as well as a custom-made ceramic mask bowl, high quality treatment brush, and personal face towel.

The whole set provides you with a great tool set for your at home facial experience. The custom mask bowl is beautifully designed with gold detailing. It was almost a “too pretty to use” moment for me!! The bowl is also specifically made to fit the treatment brush that goes with it. There are two groves on each side of the bowl where the treatment brush can sit in when your mixing, washing, or waiting. The treatment brush is made with very high quality brisles that are gentle on your skin. The application from the brush makes it a lot cleaner and faster when your applying your masks. Finally, with the towel, you can use this before and after your mask treatment. Steam it in hot water or simply run it through warm water to apply onto your face before mask application to open your pores. Then after your mask, you can dab your face dry with this soft personalized towel!

If your interested in purchasing from Studio Aroma, website links will be provided for you to browse their natural healing body care products offered! Hope you enjoyed this post on some information on mask treatments and beauty care, until next time xx