Season: June

Interesting Things, Random Notes
-Hot & Drunk Australians napping their way up the elevators
-Expect YouTubers and Famous Instagrammers casually lounging around
-Only friend we made was our taxi driver

Recommendations & Advice

-Don’t fly with West Jet, choose Air Canada.
-Take advantage of the spa in your hotel. With your stay at your chosen hotel in Vegas, you can get a discounted offer if you wanted to spend sometime in their spa which works to about $25 US for hotel guests, and $50 for non hotel guests.
-If your big on EDM music, plan to head down for EDC Vegas which typically happens in June.
-When your walking down the strip, you will come across people telling you they can get you into the clubs for free if you give them your number. No it is not a terrible American pick up line or something, and you will get into the clubs for free saving you a bunch of time and money.
-Try out the heavenly drink slushies sold in your hotel (You can mix and match your flavours, just ask). Go for Pina Colada and Strawberry. If you see people holding huge jugs of colourful slushie drinks, it’s probably from Fat Tuesdays.

– Make some friends. Our taxi driver was super considerate and started up a account for us on Lyft which is the US version of Uber basically but you don’t have a pay a penny for a ride! Only catch is that you need to have a US number to register for a account, so yeah don’t be anti social and make some friends haha!
– If you walk into the washroom at a club and think you walked into the wrong place because it looks like a beauty salon, don’t be surprised your at the right place. Please tip the worker there if your planning on using the products.
– Ladies, wear comfy heels. You don’t want to be limping around like a rag doll by the end of the night.
– Last piece of advice: Don’t not sleep lol.

Clubs & Pool Parties

Hakkasan Nightclub in MGM Hotel

One of the world’s largest clubs, Hakkasan in MGM Hotel. Okay, so it’s not as extravagant and big as you think. I mean yes, it is definitely a lot nicer then the local clubs we usually go to but to have the title as the WORLDS LARGEST CLUB, you’d be thinking of like water foundations on 10 stories inside right? But really it’s just a bigger space, fancier light showers, and nicer booths. Nothing too crazy in my opinion but if your stay in MGM Hotel, it would be a convenient spot to go to.

Highlight: I went to see Hardwell at MGM, and we met some really nice girls from Canada as well and so we partied with them in their booth. Honestly, what makes a night memorable and fun for me is the people you meet and spend your time with! We ended up staying in contact with the girls and met up at other clubs and events to party with them during our whole trip!

Omnia Club in Caesars Palace

Omnia is a newer club in Vegas which should be easier to get into for free. And surprisingly, I was so much more impressed with Omnia then I was with Hakkasan. They had a fancy elevator to bring you up to the club, a patio outside, cooler light shows, and they bring out marching bands if it’s your birthday. We went to see Calvin Harris their (he’s super hot fyi) and played a killer set. Ok so here’s the thing, when you think of Vegas, you think of people partying like no tomorrow right. But no. The thing that was kinda weird was that people were literally just kinda standing around like what people do at my local clubs. It was the weirdest thing ever. That was what I was most disappointed in from my whole trip because I thought I’d be able to party with crazy people but ended up getting squashed between tomb stones (aka people that don’t dance lol). But whatever, that didn’t stop me from going hard.

Encore & Wet Republic

If your looking for the best pool parties in Vegas, check out Encore Beach Club or Wet Republic. Keep in mind that these pool clubs open at 11am and if your on guest list, which you totally should be because you get in for free, you need to get there a bit earlier. We went to Encore Beach Club which has such a beautiful set up. You’ll find a huge pool in the centre where you can lounge on the ledges, between, or in the water! They also have in water VIP lily pad booths which was super cute. If your going to Wet Republic, you’ll find a pool (not as big as Encore) in the centre with another smaller pool in another section. Point to consider: Pre drink with the slushie drinks in you hotel at $11 compared to the hefty $40 slushie drinks at the pool parties. Don’t buy food there as well, not worth the money.

Restaurants to Hit Up

Shake Shack vs. In & Out

The ultimate fast food battle in North America, which I know you all have heard of, is of course Shake Shack vs.In-N-Out. And yes, I had to try both to put it to the test. In personal opinion (no offence intended) is that I’m official proud member of Team Shake Shack. Their Shake burgers were better than the Animal Burger, their mixed ice cream shake was better than the strawberry shake at In-N-Out, and lastly their curly fries were better than the Animal Fries. We got ourselves a champion in my heart, maybe next time In-N-Out.

All You Can Eat Buffet

So at your residing hotel, you will most likely come across their hotel buffet. I stayed at the MGM Hotel but we heard good things about the Buffet in Aria so we went their instead. For around $40 US, you get to dine in to the most beautiful buffet with very attractive food. I had like 10 plates of their gourmet cheese and their pizza was surprisingly amazing too. If you eat like a pig like my sister and I, it is definitely worth the money. We practically overlapped the stay at our table compared to people that arrived after us #noshame.

Cheese Cake Factory

If your in Vegas, my recommendation to you is to eat at Cheese Cake Factory. Good prices, HUGE portions, and amazing food, 5 stars for this place!! What you can expect is pricing from around $12-$35 US but I would suggest getting something from the Lunch Menu for under $20 that you can practically have for dinner as well cause you wouldn’t be able to finish your order in one seating. I got the Shepherd’s Pie which was the best, and of course you can’t leave Cheese Cake Factory without trying one of their cheesecakes! Get the red velvet, I’ll leave it at that.


Final Thoughts?

If you like to stay up partying till 6am in the morning, see men dressed up in their freshest dress shirts at clubs, and relish in that prestige life, then Vegas is the place for you.

In general, I think media makes everything look so much nicer then what it really seems to be in real life. I definitely had extremely high expectations going to Vegas which I came back with a bit of disappointment to be honest. Another reason could be that I’m not too big on the whole clubbing scene which could have affected my overall time. For example, I probably would of enjoyed a trip to California to join a yoga & surf retreat or something then to just party straight for a week in Vegas. All depends what your interested in but don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely a place to check off your bucket list!!

Final recommendations would be staying at Caesars Palace because their Roman inspired spa was like no other and made me feel like a million bucks, they have the best club within their hotel, your really close to Encore Beach Club and Cheese Cake Factory which saves you taxi money, and your near all of my favourite/recommended places on the Strip!