I have a huge summer beauty review for you guys today with Juice Beauty!! I can tell you this right now that I’m so, SO impressed with the quality of their make up products and I’ve been using each and every single one of the products I was sent every single day. Juice Beauty creates their products naturally by using certified organic ingredients such as; Apple Juice, Kiwi Seed Oil, Fruit Stem Cells Blend, etc. They stay far away from the “unacceptable ingredients list” to ensure were not putting anything on our skin that can be harmful to our health. I love that they practice in staying strong to what is being put into the creations in each of their products for not only our own safety but to save our eco systems that are being destroyed by harmful ingredients.

I find that a lot of people tend think that strictly organic or natural cosmetics don’t work as well which is completely false in my opinion! Well hopefully this review will change your initial thoughts on pure organic cosmetics because your missing out big time if your not using these gold gems. What I’m really excited to share with you guys is not only a brand that I really love wearing but also products that I’ve never really used in my make up routines but man was I missing out!!

PHYTO-PIGMENTS Illuminating Primer

I never really use Face Primers because I don’t wear much products on my face besides sunscreen in the summer. But I wanted to give this product a try to see if face primers really do make a difference when you layer on your foundation, tinted moisturizer, bb cream, or in my case wearing it on it’s own! I can definitely see why it’s called a Illuminating Primer because of the soft shimmers within the product which helps to naturally enhance and brighten your complexion. This primer gives you a healthy dewy glow while drying matte which I love wearing it as it is but if you wanted to layer your next steps on top, it gives your face a nice radiant base! I use this everyday by itself where I apply the primer to the spots I want to give a slight highlight. Especially with the summer, I like to minimize the amount of make up I put on my face so this Primer is all I need to brighten up my complexion which I then go in with their Perfecting Concealer which I’ll talk about in a bit so keep reading!

Below I have a photo of a make up look I did on my friend to show you guys how the Illuminating Primer works. On her face she mainly has the Illuminating Primer on with a touch of highlight powder on top and a bit of bronzer for definition. To sum it up, this is how I would do my make up everyday and this product is a hands down must have in my routine!!

PHYTO-PIGMENTS Perfecting Concealer

Same situation with Concealer, I’ve never really been one to use it much because I don’t find that I have a heavy under-eye issue. But, I’ve been wanting to try it out to see if it was something that I found would make a difference in my make up routine in terms of brightening up the under eye area.

This concealer from Juice Beauty is plant-derived and it’s creamy formula is set to help conceal discolorations, dark under-eye circles and other skin imperfections. I use this product after I finish my eye make up so that if I make any mistakes the concealer actually covers it and gives me a flawless eye make up finish. I tried this concealer out for a week and my sister right off the bat noticed a difference in my make up (in a good way of course)!

To give you a better idea, it does the trick in giving you that Kim Kardashian under eye highlight look! This perfecting concealer does the duty of what a concealer should be doing by covering up dark or unwanted spots but it also gives the bonus of a under eye highlight for a younger complexion! The product is smooth to apply and easily buildable. Again, another very impressive product from Juice Beauty!!

With the combination of the Phyto-Pigments Perfecting Concealer paired with the Illuminating Primer, this duo has been what I’ve been wearing every single day and I’m so happy I came across these two products 🙂

PHYTO-PIGMENTS Flawless Serum Foundation

Foundation is something that I always never liked because of how it always felt so heavy on my skin. I do like wearing foundation occasionally when I go out so I was curious on finding out if Juice Beauty’s Foundation would would work for me and surprise surprise, another amazing product!!The formula of their Flawless Serum Foundation is amazing because it doesn’t feel like you have anything on your skin when your wearing it. This light weight foundation gives you a full coverage flawless finish to smoothen out your appearance. So far, I haven’t found anything as good as their foundation. I find that every other product I’ve tried made my skin feel either too greasy and oily or too cakey and heavy. If your looking for a foundation, I would highly recommend trying out this product!

PHYTO-PIGMENTS Cream Shadow Stick

First off, I love the whole concept of eyeshadows in a stick. With all my other eye shadows, I always end up using my fingers to apply it on my lids which ends up with me having multi-color fingers and some smears here and there on my face… never the look to go for haha! With eye shadow in a stick, it’s so easy to apply and blend, seriously wished I discovered these sooner!

I tried out four colours which are: Pale Gold, Golden Pink, Taupe, and Cool Lilac. Out of the four, the one I use everyday is the Pale Gold. It’s a beautiful neutral colour for all over the lids giving you a nice touch of shimmer to enhance your eyes. Not only do I use the Pale Gold for all over the lids, I also use it for the inner corner of my eyes and under my brow bone. The Golden Pink (sheer) and Taupe are also great summer colours to wear that can be built up to a desired look. The Cool Lilac is a darker purple/taupe colour which I like using in my creases to give me a smokey look when I go to parties!


Lastly, coming down to the lips, are the Satin Lip Creams from Juice Beauty! These rich and hydrating lip creams feel and look smooth when applied to your lips giving a nice sheen finish. From the moisture plant blend used within their formula, it keeps your lips super soft. I personally have really dry lips and a really bad lip peeling problem (which I will get into in another post) so I have to be cautious with which brand I choose to wear on my lips. A lot of brands or types of lip products tend to make my lips look really dry and flakey but these lip creams from Juice Beauty makes my lips look beautiful with their tints of colours. I use shade Buff for a natural nude and Rosy Brown for a everyday look. I have a very fair complexion so I find the Rosy Brown brings more colour to tie in my whole make up look.

You Made It! Thanks for reading to the end of my Juice Beauty review 🙂 As you can tell, I’m really big on the “natural glow” look which is a big reason why I’ve been using and loving all these products from Juice Beauty. If your interested in trying out this beauty brand, definitely have a look at their ingredients list as well which I know I didn’t get to talk about too much in this post but they have a very impressive list of certified ingredients used. I will definitely keep using this brand for long a time ♥