Currently I’m using a Tory Burch Perfume in that orange lidded bottle which I’m sure you have all seen! I’m running low on that perfume so I wanted to use this chance to branch off and try a new scent to wear. Today’s review will be on Clean Reserve perfume which is a lifestyle brand that is solely base on freshness, purity, and simplicity when creating their scents. What their going for is a ‘non-perfume but I’m wearing perfume’ kinda approach which I’m all for. I really hate it when people over use perfume and the smell just hits you right in the face when you walk by them suffocating you. Esepecially at work or even when your at the gym now a days, most places urge you not to use strong scents because their are people that are sensitive to scents. All the Clean Reserve scents are light and refreshing, which works perfectly for me. I also love that they are clean conscious where they take from the natural world by using natural ingredients when producing their products and using beautiful eco-friendly packaging.

You can purchase Clean Reserve on their website, or you can head over to the nearest Sephora near you to grab yourself one of their perfumes. I’ll be reviewing their travel spray collection which includes mini travel sized versions of their 6 fragrances. Since I’m still looking for a new scent to wear, these small bottles allow me to try out the scent before I go ahead to buy a full size bottle just to make sure. Below I wrote a blurb on my thoughts on each scent within the travel collection (Warm Cotton, Rain, Amber Saffron, Velvet Flora, Blonde Rose, Sueded Oud) and added a few descriptive words to go with each scent for anyone looking to try out Clean Reserve! Hope this post comes in handy as a perfume guide, let’s get to it ๐Ÿ˜€

Reserve Warm Cotton

Think Tide Laundry Detergent and freshly washed clothes straight out of your dryer. That is exactly what this scent smells like and I LOVE IT!! Okay this might sound a bit strange but I’m seriously obsessed with that laundry detergent scent and I’m sure I’m not the only one out there that thinks the same (maybe some less obsessed as me). This scent is perfect as a everyday scent and if your one that likes that simple, light, and refreshing smell.

words: simple, light, refreshing, comforting, nostalgic

Reserve Rain

My sister happened to be with me while I was trying out each of the scents. Found out that she actually uses Rain by Clean Reserve which she has one of those perfume rollers in this scent. It’s a very mature and classic scent that I can definitely see being easily transitioned from daytime to nighttime. The reserve Blend Rain was created from capturing the energy from a the rainforest. Picture the moment after a fresh rainfall when the air is pure and fresh, that is what this scent is going for. I would say it’s the perfect medium between a rich and a fresh perfume scent, not too concentrated but not too light. It’s a universal perfume scent that you can’t go wrong with. So if your looking for a new scent from Clean Reserve and absolutely have no idea which one to get, I would most likely recommend this scent to you!

words: mature, classic, lush, fresh, invigorating

Reserve Amber Saffron

Personally I would say this scent is one of my favourites out of all the fragrances. It’s a fresh blend of red fruits, delicate florals, soothing musks, warm amber and saffron that makes a lasting impression. I love a fresh fruity scent and I think it suits my style and vibe. It’s always good to choose a perfume you think suits your character since it does make a huge first impression on what type of person you are. It’s crazy how much a scent can tell you about a person, or give you a general sense at least. Don’t choose a perfume you think other people would like, pick a scent you enjoy wearing yourself.

words: sensual, sexy, sweet

Reserve Velvet Flora

My first initial thoughts on this scent was candy so I think you can get a general sense as to what it would smell like. When you first spray on each scent you get a stronger hit of what the scent smells like (which sometimes can be too strong), but it eventually fades out into a really nice subtle scent that’s natural and not too over powering. In this case, the sweet floral scent lightened to a mild scent perfect for anyone that likes a flowery girly scent to wear.

words: sweet, alluring, luxurious, sophisticated

Reserve Blonde Rose

Personally I would say this scent would be more suitable for the older women out there that are looking for a nice perfume scent. It has a rich floral fragrance that’s perfect for anyone that loves a feminine scent with a twist. It’s blended with rose, jasmine, and peony to give it that modern sexy scent.

What’s great about these travel sized bottles is that their so easy to carry around in your purse when your out for emergencies when you need perfume (cause you never know who you’ll run into :p)

words: mature, feminine, sophisticated, sexy

Reserve Sueded Oud

Perfumer’s Tip: Layer Sueded Oud with any Clean Reserve scent to enhance each fragrance with an element of rich, musky woods.

Got this pro tip which was labeled at the bottom of the box on how to use Sueded Oud. So basically this scent on it’s own smells exactly like wood to me. But once you layer it with each of the other perfumes, it transforms each scent to have a richer scent. Most of the scents I smelt above reminded me more of a daytime scent rather than a nighttime scent. But after layering each of the perfumes with sueded oud, it turned the scent into more of a nighttime scent what was pretty cool. The best combination I liked was Rain with Sueded Oud. Definitely try this combination out if you have the travel collection or if your in Sephora experimenting with the perfumes ๐Ÿ™‚