Music Festival: EDC Las Vegas 2016

When: June 17th – 19th in the Las Vegas Dessert

My Highlights

-The two boys from LA that helped my sister and I blow up Freddy the Flamingo, thank you. So here we were outside the venue pumping away at the Flamingo that was seemingly taking FOREVER to happen while giving us the biggest arm work out. Thankfully these two guys were kind enough to stop by and help us out. Once Freddy was all blown up, we all toke a picture on their phones but they never sent it to us so I don’t have a photo memory of them but I’ll never forget how cute and nice they were.
-During Marshmello’s set, the boys at the front row head banging. Joined in with my Marshmello cap and got filmed (hopefully its in the EDC after movie or something) one of the guys kissed my Ms. Marshmello head 🙂

-Almost cried at the Chainsmokers Set.
-If you see Kaskade headlining anywhere, yes you should put that as priority and go.
-The fireworks at EDC were seriously the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, it looks 3D and definitely something you need to see at least once in your life.
-John Legend Live during Tiesto’s set, enough said.

My Advice

1) If your going with one other person (which was my case) bring your county flag and use it to link you and your friend together while your walking around. Trust me, our Canada flag was a key thing we had to bring to all three days. My sister would hold one end and I would hold the other and we never got separated for the entire event cause the last thing you would want is being stranded by yourself! But even then, everyone is friendly enough to have you join in with them 🙂 If you see someone lost, tell them they can rave with you, it’s a festival rule in my books.

2) I know at music festivals, water is basically like gold. Not to worry, at EDC the water stations are super quick and side bonus the water re fillers are SUPER nice!! EDC does a great job in making sure your hydrated.
3) Make a Totem Pole. One thing you can’t NOT notice is all the creative and beautiful totem poles people make. I loved seeing all the signs from people all across the world, it really adds to the experience. I would definitely make my own the next time I go!

4) I think one of the things that I dreaded the most when I was at the music festivals was taking the Shuttle buses back to the hotel. Be very strategic in deciding when you want to leave because the line ups can get hella long and your left waiting for hours. If you know someone that’s renting a car, might be a better option to park at the venue which gives you flexiblilty on when you want to leave without stressing about the line ups.
5) One thing I do regret is not going on any of the carnival rides at EDC. I know stupid right? But honestly at the moment it was because I would get too excited about the next set so I didn’t really have the patience to wait in line while knowing there was a set happening that I was missing. I do wish I at least went on the swings during the sunrise, but hey, next time I know 🙂
6) Talking to more people. I found that not much people would come up to you and be like hey! and want to instantly be friends. But sometimes you can’t be waiting for the other person to come up to you. Maybe they were thinking the same thing and was just waiting for you to go up to them.

Final Thoughts

Everyone was extremely respectful of each other, not a single fight I witnessed at EDC like I have for a lot of local Ottawa music I’ve been to. Music Festival culture is about unity and coming together because of the love of electronic music. Not to get drunk and fight with other people. Another thing I really liked about the venue was that there was lots of space to dance even though there were over thousands of people that attend. You won’t be squished between balls and boobs thats for sure!

Finally, I think the most important thing I got out of this is that you will have the most amazing time no matter where you are if you go with the right people. I just wanted to add in a special thank you to my sister for gifting me my EDC ticket as my grad and birthday present, and most of all for gifting me such a memorable, once and a life time experience. I wouldn’t have wanted to spent EDC with anyone else but you. ♥