Looking for a good read for the summer while uping your style? Well I got the perfect book recommendation for you! Entertaining writing style, fun to read, that’s engaging yet informational.

Style Your Way To Success and Style 365 written by stylist Barbara Aleks, talks about everything you need to know on how you an successfully style yourself from head to toe.

I recently started this new internship that requires me to dress more professionally then I usually find myself doing. While reading Style your Way To Success I found one point I completely agreed with. What Barbara says is how the way you dress correlates with how people view you and the way you feel about yourself. It’s sometimes hard to find that medium between work related clothes and your personal style. But dressing professionally doesn’t necessarily mean for you to completely lose your sense of style. It’s more so a opening door for you to experiment with different clothes, accessories, and colours that work around what you like. Personally for me, outside of work I have a very bohemian, edgy, and quirky style that people would definitely say not suitable for professional work. Which seriously sucks because I always feel the best in the type of clothing and style that embraces who I am and caters to my personality. I had a lot of trouble finding work professional clothing to wear because most of the time it mades me feel uncomfortable, out of my element, and not good. But dressing for work doesn’t have to be a bore or stressful to say the least. As long as you find a outfit that works for you and that makes you feel good in, that’s a big portion of it. What I end up doing is using accessories and statement pieces to really tie the professional aspect in my outfit but still embracing my personal style within each outfit. I’ve had times when I would be completely unproductive, unhappy, and all I would want to do is go home and not talk to anyone because my outfit was just not me. It’s really true – never underestimate the power of a good outfit. My outfits sometimes even determine my mood in a given day, the way we dress seriously makes a huge difference!

If your struggling with your direction of style (work or outside of work related), the type of clothing that suits your body type, or maybe just looking for a good read? Pick up your copy of Style Your Way To Success, you won’t regret it 🙂

“Style Your Way to Success will help you with all this and more. Imagine having incredible style that’s reflected in all areas of your life. Imagine knowing what to do and how to do it, giving you complete power and control. Imagine looking and feeling truly amazing, confident that you’ve got what it takes to go after anything you want. All it takes is 5 Simple Steps.”

Another great book by Barbara Aleks is Style 365 which is a book you can read a page per day, all at once, or however and whatever way you prefer! Every page states one style tip anything from shaping brows, to handbags sizing, to haircuts.

One of the Style tips this book included was to clean out the clutter in your closet and to throw out the pieces that you haven’t touched for like… 8 years. Yeah that shirt from high school you wanted to keep cause maybe… JUST MAYBE… you’ll end up wearing it 5 years from now? You should probably throw out.

If your like me and have a terrible hoarding problem when it comes to clothes, I totally understand your heartbreak when your cleaning out your closet. But it has to be done, it’s for the better. Not only does a cleaner closet make your room like a million times cleaner, it organizes your clothes so that you can get ready as efficient as possible!

“Style 365 is full of relevant and practical style and beauty tips that once applied, will leave you looking better than ever. Read one every day for a year, devour the whole book at once or go at your own pace. Whatever you choose, remember that great Style and Beauty comes from within. So take each tip, make it your own and shine. Every. Single. Day.”

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