I’m so excited to FINALLY be posting up all the videos and photos I toke at Ever After Music Festival as one of their bloggers. I got the full perks being on the media team; from skipping the line ups, to VIP washrooms #blessed, getting to meet Marshmello for like 5 seconds, getting access to film inside the pit right between the stage and the crazy ravers at the front… it was a experience of a life time. There’s a couple things that I’ve always wanted to do and being able to do this was a moment I’ll never forget.

Surprise Trap??

If you guys love trap music, you will deeply be in love with Ghastly. I know I am after experiencing his set at Ever Afters. For starters, the first song he played was the Pokemon theme song… that hit me right in the childhood memories as a 1990’s kid. I honestly had no idea who he was going into it and I wasn’t even planning on seeing his set but man did I make the right choice to go see him. For any trap kings, queens, princesses or whatever, I definitely recommend you go seeing Ghastly at least once!!

Head Bangers at JAUZ

If anyone says guys rave harder then girls, please show them this video I made as a reference that we literally kill it at music festivals. I think most people have flower crowns, sparkly bras, the “I’m just here to take a seflie in my bra at a music festival even though I don’t even know what edm music is” kinda girls etc etc as what they think of as girl ravers. But I’m glad to prove the point that there are also real girl ravers out there that know how to rave at a music festival. Major props to the ones captured in this video.

Random Thoughts: Do you guys ever go to a music festival and meet someone that just makes your time at the event even better? That guy at 0.16 seconds was my favourite!

Wild Marshmello Caught on Live Footage

Although security didn’t let me in with my DIY’ed Marshmello head, I still got major Mello Vibes rollin through with my mello sign. I think I was the only one with a sign during his set and according to my sister he pointed at it to show us he sees it! I got to meet Marshmello for a good 8 seconds after as well and the highlight of it all was he did some dope dance moves in front of me while I was filming him.


Adventure Club Interview Fail

So the morning of Day 2 at Ever Afters I got an email from my PR Team that I got scheduled in a interview at 7:30pm with Adventure Club. I was actually dying of excitement because I’ve always wanted to interview a DJ and become a legit Edm Blogger (still working on it!). Before heading off to Ever Afters, we stopped by a local grocery store to pick up a card for Adventure Club and also some cherry tomatoes lol (highly recommended snack). I wrote them a card on my way there to give to them after the interview cause I’m a genuine cutie. So once 7:30 hits, me and my sister are literally running around trying to get to the media tent as fast as possible so I don’t miss this opportunity and got sent to this prestige white tent behind the stage likely surrounded by “high class important people”. And so this really mean women comes up and tries kicking us out but were like k chill, we have a interview with Adventure Club. And she apparently goes to ask their publicist if I could do my interview and he said NO. I mean like come on, how can someone just literally say that they approve my interview then say no right after. Do they not consider the time I put into preparing for it or my beautiful thoughtful handwritten card I made for them?? Honestly I was a bit salty about it, but what can I do? Be upset and let it ruin my whole day, or go back to the event and be happy? Obv number 2. I’ll definitely get to interview a DJ at least once in my life, gunna make my dreams happen 🙂

Happily Ever After

With that being said, I’ll end off this post with a HUGE thank you to Vocab Communications for having me part of their media list and being seriously the best team to work with. And to sum up my whole time at Ever Afters, here’s a Behind the Scenes Video to end things off!

P.S More festival coverages will be happening real soon!