If you know me well, you would know I love sleep more than anything. And if you didn’t know, now you know. I’m literally that girl that’s taking that 7 hour “nap” in the middle of the day and loves every second of it. Or that friend that texts back 2 days late because she just woke up from a nap. Yup me. Or that moment your head hits a soft pillow and you fall asleep in 0.00001 seconds. Me again.

My bed was in major need of more pillows because the more the merrier is how I see it. I found the perfect piece to add to my on growing pillow collection which is this printed Sloth Pillow. I mean can we just take a second to let this sink in. YES. Sloths on a pillow. It’s genius and I love it!! I’ve been on the hunt for some pillows and nothing really stood out to me. This sloth pillow case is nothing you would find in retailing stores and it fits perfectly in my room.

So, who’s the creator of this beautiful sloth pillow? Annanemon by Anna from Czech Republic. How cool is that? I absolutely love collaborating 1) With girl bosses 2) from such inspirational and creative people from all around the world. It’s really amazing what people are capable of doing and through each collaboration I do, I keep getting more and more inspired through the people I talk and work with. Anna designs and hand makes these beautiful pillow cases. Her quirky designs and pattern gives it that stylish feel to each of her products. A lot of people actually say I’m quirky so I can see why I gravitate towards pieces that are similar to my personality. Not only does Anna make pillow cases, she also has a collection of fun items such as aprons, notepads, animal shaped pillows, and more! If your looking for unique home decor pieces or you’re totally interested in buying this Sloth Pillow (I can’t see who wouldn’t be), definitely check out her Etsy Shop and your guaranteed to find something 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this post. It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m off to take a nap on my sloth pillow…See ya! ZZZZzzzzzzzzz