My kinda modern day lingerie is carried in the UK from a cute small vintage online boutique called Poule De Luxe. Think about modern day lingerie made with a vintage twist using the highest quality of silk to fit your body (in all shapes and sizes) like a glove. All their pieces are handmade with fine organic linens which is sold as limited editions which makes it all the more exclusive and unique! I got the chance to style and try out their L’isle Papaver Chemise Silk Nightdress which I think is the perfect print for the Spring/Summer.

Night dresses are definitely something I love wearing because I really hate wearing pants when I sleep. This dress from Poule De Luxe is seriously the most snug and comfy nightdress you’ll come across while keeping you trendy and glam even when your sleeping! This slip on nightdress is easy to throw on when your lazy which is what I’m all about. I love clothing pieces that take me the least time to put on and take off. It’s honestly a feature in clothing pieces I gravitate towards when I’m shopping for something I’m putting on my body. Who else gets really grumpy and annoyed when they wear tight clothing? Well if your like me, your probably going to love this nightdress.

This nightdress is way too cute to not wear this out in public. I love the vintage print and silk material combo which I think would look super cute with anything jean material. Jean shorts, jean skirt, jean jacket, etc! I personally paired it with high waisted shorts in this look but I would definitely wear it with the other pieces I just mentioned as well! Maximize your options with this dress by wearing it day and night 😉 Fashion has no rules, if you think it looks nice and it makes you happy when you wear it, just do it. Wear it.