Arthletic is a trendy fitness apparel brand that carry’s fashionable sports bras, yoga leggings, and more! They hand design their products and use high-quality Italian fabrics as well as durable sublimation printing to ensure that their final design and product is perfect!

(yoga towel from 9-5 Escape, mermaid leggings from Arthletic, bralette from Free People)

I tried out their Mermaid Leggings because I obviously have that whole mermaid soul going on if you haven’t noticed and I also love the colour and print on these! These leggings have a ombre effect using the colours purple, blue, and aqua which is all of my favourite colours and they fit me snug like a glove. I find that with fitness/yoga leggings I always have the problem of finding a pair that fits me properly. All you short girls out there can probably vibe with me on this! With leggings for instance, sometimes the fit can be perfect at the waist line but the fabric at the ends of the leggings bunch up at the bottom because were too dam short LOL! The struggle is real sometimes to find something that fits right. With these leggings from Arthletic, I got a size small and they are definitely true to sizing. They fit me perfectly all over the place. My bum looks nice, no bunches of fabric at the ankles, the design is SO CUTE, and their a bit high waisted as well which is a bonus for me (I love anything high waisted)!

I put these leggings through the squat test to make sure my panties don’t show when I’m about to pop a squat. Because the last thing you want to worry about when your working out is if your pants are somehow see through and everyone can see your underwear! My sister is a huge meat head so she knows all these little tricks and tips on what to do when your about to buy some fitness gear. So I popped a squat and it passed the test. Absolutely nothing showed, not even the outline of my underwear. And I also tried on some thick undies as well just to see how durable their material is and nothing showed from that as well. I’m super impressed with their quality of their products. I 100% would recommend anyone to check out Arthletic if their looking to buy some cute and stlyish fitness gear that’s high-quality and durable! This is my first product from them and it definitely won’t be my last 🙂

Here’s a couple photo’s of me styling the Mermaid Leggings! They seriously make my outfits look so put together and pretty paired with any sports bra or tank. It’s nice to look good and feel good when you’re working out. I even wear these leggings out on a regular day even if I’m not going to yoga class or working out because their SO comfy, you’ll literally want to live in these!