We always hear about how important it is to clean our make up brushes to ensure what your putting on our faces are as clean as it can possibly be. Of course there are times we get lazy and end up forgetting or pushing off cleaning our brushes – I fall guilty of this as well!

Prism Brush Bar makes cleaning your brushes the most effective and time efficient of all the cleaning methods I’ve tried so far. It is a bar of soap (special for your brushes) shaped in a cute prism in a tin can for your convenience to use and store away. What I love about this natural product is that it stretches the life/condition of your make up brushes to ensure that each wash will improve the condition of your brushes and skin!

I have been putting off washing my brushes, which is a huge no-no! I got to get back into the routine of keeping a consistent routine in washing my brushes which is why I love that I have prism to help make my washes quick and easy. It’s incredibly easy to use by simply swiping and swirling your brushes over the prism bar and washing how you usually do. My eye brow brush is especially one that I need to consistently wash all the time because of all the product I use on it every day which ends up accumulating and ends up smudging each stroke and making my brows really bushy (in a messy colouring marker kind of way – gross!) Thanks to Prism Brush Bar, my eye brows have a chance of 99.9% on fleek which is key guys haha!

Here’s how to use + care for your Prism Brush Bar:

STEP 1: Wet your brush.
STEP 2: Swirl your brush over your new Prism Brush Bar.
STEP 3: Rinse your brush.
STEP 4: Squeeze out any extra water from your brush using a clean towel.
STEP 5: Instagram your clean brushes using our hashtag #prismbrushbar for a chance to be featured on our account!

Shop Prism Brush Bar if your looking to add to your beauty routine. These handmade Canadian bars come in different colours and shapes, all of them are extremely cute! Stay tuned, a giveaway to win a prism bar will be announced shortly ♥