I got so many questions plus attention when I brought my memo bottle out to use, in a good way though. A memobottle is a unique water bottle that’s fashionable and has a great mission to help the environment by reducing the usage of plastic water bottles. I love that the memobottle plays two roles in being a trendy product yet it’s so much more than just a materialist product.

“Resembling the shape of a piece of paper, the memobottle™ fits where other bottles don’t. The memobottle™ takes on the dimensions of the A5 and A6 international paper sizes, allowing it to conveniently slide into your carry bag alongside your laptop, books and other belongings.”

My previous water bottle recently broke so this memobottle came in perfect timing to keep me hydrated with that H2O. Of course first things first is to cover my thoughts on the memo bottle packaging. It came in this really trendy brown box where you got to open it in that cool way with that peelable tab. Inside my memobottle package I got a cute little information booklet on the memobottle with photos, the A6 memobottle, and two caps (one black and one white). I love that they included two colours for the lid for fashion purposes I assume and incase you end up losing of damaging one of your caps.

The A6 memobottle is extremely light and it’s the perfect size to fit into any bag. I carry around my backpack a lot because of school so a water bottle is literally a key item to have for me. The first time I brought it around to my classes so many of my friends were super interested in the bottle because of it’s unique shape and I guess it sort of resembles a flask to some people as well! It’s a great feeling carrying something that sparks interest and I love that its just different from the “normal” water bottles. I’m all bout that differentiation life and helping to support a company that is trying to make our environment a cleaner place to live in!

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