Robi Luxury Skin Care is handcrafted in Toronto, Canada from quality ingredients that nourish the skin. This vegan skincare line emphasises on quality over quantity by being free of preservatives and fillers to maximize the beneficial ingredients that would deliver the best results in their skincare products.

“Our goal is to deliver simple skin care that is luxurious, effective, affordable, and made as naturally as possible.”

100% Natural Body Butter

The first thing that comes to mind when I smell this body butter is the Vanilla Bean Frap from Starbucks. I love this original scent of vanilla and the rich whipped cream texture of the product. Effortlessly apply this daily body cream after your morning or night shower! Keep your skin feeling smooth and soft with this vegan body butter, a little goes a long way with this one. I also really love how affordable this body cream is compared to some other brands that are too expensive for my budget. It’s great to see some companies out there that are offering quality products that are affordable.

Face Scrub

I love the gentle scent of this chamomile, cucumber & rhassoul powdered face scrub which is textured to softly exfoliate your skin. This product is great to use twice a week due to the nature of it being not a harsh product on your skin which makes it really great for sensitive skin types. I personally like using this face scrub when I feel like my skin needs a extra deep cleanse or when I’m having one of those “feeling gross” kinda days and I just need to pamper myself!

Special thanks to Julianne, Founder of Robi Luxury Skin Care, for creating these lovely products and collaborating with me. If your interested in seeing what other products or scents are offered, I will add the link to her website at the bottom!

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