I’m so excited to share with you guys my newest collaboration with Pineal Vision Jewelry! Handmade jewelry fit for a inner earth goddess to reconnect and heal her soul through beautiful handcrafted pieces made from sustainable materials. Brittany and I have been in contact over the last couple of months planning on our collaboration and to finally be able to share this with you makes me so happy 🙂

100% socially responsible by using only organic and recycled material, Pineal Vision is right here beside you on your journey to embracing a new experience when you wear jewelry.

This is a Mako Shark Tooth Necklace from Pineal Vision which I found to be a very interesting and intriguing piece. I looked into the history of wearing shark tooth necklaces which was originated in Hawaii where people use to wear them as a form and source of Protection. I love wearing pieces that captures the essence of earth and life which I find to be very meaningful and symbolic.

I love the unique details on the shark tooth pendant and the long hemp string attached to carry over your neck. The string is adjustable to any length which is the best thing ever because you can adjust it to work at any length. From the choker style necklace, to hanging underneath your collar bone, to the full length of the necklace for stacking and layering with other pieces, you can literally adjust this necklace to any desirable length to compliment your outfit. I love that Pineal Vision creates one of a kind pieces that aren’t just available anywhere. It’s special and has a natural style to it.

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Mako Shark Tooth Necklace: Pineal Vision Jewelry
Leather Jacket: Kensie
Black Lace Crop Top: Nordstrom
Top Hat: Ralph Lauren
Sunnies: Milk Shop
Lip Stick: Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick