Pelle Beauty is a Cruelty Free and Vegan Beauty skincare line that aims to provide a new take on beauty products. Marnie Cipriani created Pelle Beauty through her experience in this industry which enabled her to successfully launch this Canadian skincare company based in Toronto. More information on the background of Pelle Beauty will be linked for you guys to check out!

I love connecting with Canadian companies and Pelle Beauty is no exception! Their skincare line is simple yet powerful in bringing a new wave of skin care essentials that will have such a positive impact on your beauty routine. You may or may not know, I’m a huge sucker when it comes to packaging from companies. Look at how cute Pelle Beauty wrapped all the gifts, I had to take a picture of this to show you guys! Also came with a custom pen which I thought was really unique for a company to do.

What was included in my package was the Bloom Foaming Cleanser, Bloom Facial Mist, Stellar Facial Oil, and the Balance Facial Oil. Below I will include a review on each product and my personal take on how I integrated each product into my skin care routine.

Bloom Foaming Cleanser

Wash out all that dirt trapped under your skin with Pelle Beauty’s Foam Cleanser which is suitable for all skin types! This plant based cleanser, packed with Aloe, freshens up your complexion and hydrates your skin. I’m a big fan of foam cleansers which is actually the only type of cleansers I’m really drawn to when purchasing. Personally, I love the texture of foam cleansers and how it creates that barrier from my finger tips to my skin when I’m cleansing. I absolutely love this morning and night cleanser from Pelle Beauty. The lovely light scent combined with the healthy ingredients is a great all around effective daily cleanser. Bloom Foaming Cleanser ensures a clean face to allow for greater product absorption when your onto your next step in your skincare routine!

Bloom Beauty Mist

This two in one Beauty Mist works wonders as a toner, a make up setting spray, or even carried off as a hydrating spray when you need a little refresher through out your day. All around amazing multi tasking product that can be integrated into almost any aspect of your beauty routine! I like carrying this mist with me as a essential to have in my bag. I’m out almost everyday whether it be to school or to my yoga class which I’m required to be outside for a longer period of time due to public transportation. I love bringing this mist with me because with the Winter season still active in Ottawa, my skin gets extremely dry after being outside in the cold. I use this mist to replenish my skin and for instant hydration from the harsh climate! With Spring right around the corner, I’m sure I’ll be using this spray with the season change to hydrate my face in the warmer weathers as well.

Stellar Multitasking Facial Oil

Another amazing muktitasking product from Pelle Beauty is the Stellar Facial Oil. I’m so surprised with all the things you can use from this oil, I’m seriously so impressed! Listed on the Pelle Beauty website is the current 5 uses for this facial oil as follows; Lightweight Moisturizer, Makeup Remover, Grooming Brows, Make-up Primer & Mixing Medium, and Facial Mask Primer. I use a lot of facial masks including over night masks which can sometimes cause skin irritation. After using the Stellar facial oil underneath my overnight skin masks, I found that my skin wasn’t as irritated through out the duration of the mask and it also reduced redness upon removal of the mask! I use this oil for a everyday quick addition into my beauty routine, all around awesome product to take your whole beauty care to another level.

Balance Facial Oil

After a long day, treat your skin with this Balance Facial Oil from Pelle Beauty. I love using this oil after a shower and cleanse to lock in all the nutrients and antioxidants from this custom blend into my skin. This is a AM and PM oil that works for all skin types. Especially if you have dry skin, I would definitely recommend investing in this facial oil to keep your skin healthy, hydrated, and moisturized, setting foot your best complexion forward!


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