I’m always looking to try new products from companies, and I love how I’m always pleasantly surprised with new things that keep coming out from companies. Panty by Post is a Vancouver based monthly subscription company that ships pretty panties to your door… literally. Isn’t this just the best thing ever?! Ladies, treat yourself to some lingerie or panties from Panty by Post. And fellas, treat your girl right and get her some pretty panty’s every month 😉

Random thought I just came up with, us girls have our periods every month… and well I’ll be honest, sometimes accidents happen. If you catch my flow (haha), sometimes the period doesn’t treat us right and ruins our nice undies and makes us even more upset. Having Panty by Post deliver you a pair of new panties every month works out timely and perfectly. If your boyfriend asks what you want while your on your period, show him the Panty by Post website!! It’s literally the key to our hearts, plus chocolate…

Not only is this the perfect gift for someone, they also surprise you every month with a new style of cute panties. Pretty underwear makes me so happy and I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels the same way!! For more info on the different subscription options or one time gift purchases from Panty by Post, I will attached their website link for you all to check out.

So if anyone ever asks you what you want for your birthday or what you want as a gift, save yourself the headache of thinking of things and just send them over to the Carrie Project Blog. I got you covered girl 🙂