If you haven’t heard about SoLo Energy Bars yet, I’m about to change that right here right now. There seems to be a lot of thoughts running through peoples minds right when they hear the words “energy bars”. I mean yes, I use to be one of those people that would automatically assume energy nutrient bars are the same as protein bars or that these type of bars wouldn’t help me in any way because of my lack of knowledge of these products. Well, I was completely wrong about that. These bars are honestly such a versatile product to consume that you don’t necessarily need to be lifting weights in order to integrate one of these products into your lifestyle.

I personally like eating these bars as a pre work out or a post work out before my yoga classes. Especially as a student, sometimes I don’t have time to pack enough food for the day when I’m heading from class to yoga. SoLo bars have literally been saving my life in helping me fufil my nutritional intact as well as working extremely well as a meal replacement when I’m in urgent need. As a student traveling a long way from home to school, I pack SoLo with me everyday because they work so great as a study snack as well. With Midterm season in place, packing a SoLo bar is key in my back pack life.

These bars are also super easy to cut up and carried with you during your outdoor activities such as; runs, hikes, cycling, etc. Especially if you feel like your legs tend to cramp up while your exercising, SoLo carries a good intake of potassium which can really help with this issue. The Lemon Lift SoLo bar (yogurt covered) is what I would recommend to runners because of it’s refreshing taste and it’s also light in your stomach compared to the chocolate covered ones which I would consume in different occasions.

SoLo Energy Bars are kosher, gluten free, and certified low G.I. Some people are surprised with the moderately high levels of sugar per bar, but keep in mind that these bars are naturally sweetened with pureed fruits and honey. SoLo uses natural sugars in their bars which allows your body to break down these sugars so much easier because they are essentially healthy sugars. For example, a banana has high content of sugar but these are healthy sugars which is a similar situation to SoLo Bars. In terms of grams of protein, it ranges from 10-13 grams per bar depending on which flavour (Peanut having the highest grams of protein). The last thing I would like to cover in this review is the taste of these bars. I seriously can not get over how good these bars are because they taste so dam good. It’s mind blowing how something this nutritional tastes like a dessert. Honestly, I think BuzzFeed should do a video on their channel on blind taste testing people on the comparison of SoLo bars to some sort of chocolate bar because I really think that people would have a hard time figuring out which one tastes better!

(left to right: Dark Chocolate Coconut Mint, Dark Chocolate Almond, Mocha Fudge, Dark Chocolate Mandarin, Peanut Power, Coconut Pineapple, Lemon Lift, Chocolate Fudge)

My final comments on SoLo Energy Bars would be that you really need to pick one up at a local store to experience this amazingness. And if your a student like myself, these bars are a life saver! I will add the link to their website if your interested in reading more on these bars, to browse the different flavours, or to find a retailing store around you that carries SoLo. My current favourite is the Chocolate Fudge, every girl will love this one! Send me a message if you end up trying out SoLo and let me know on your favourite flavour 🙂