Here & Now Botanicals is a skincare company based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Created through the inspiration from ancient botanical practices, they strive to provide products with a concentration in promoting health and wellness. These everyday products are crafted to sustain nature all the while working effectively. By sourcing the finest materials naturally provided by Earth, Here & Now formulates handcrafted vegan products.

“You never need to sacrifice one for the other.”

What really caught my attention from this company was their Aromatherapy Mist’s. If you know me well, I’m extremely big on Music Festivals especially when it comes to EDM so this company really speaks out to me. I love that the creators actually developed their products from their inspiration taken from their experiences at various Music Festivals which I haven’t really seen any other companies do. It’s unique, fresh, and different, which is what I’m all about.

“The scent profiles created for each of our products draws on the love and positive energy shared between an ever growing festival family. From Burning Man to Envision to Motion Notion to Shambhala and back again – so many memories are created from experiencing the people, art and music – each of these memories is associated with a scent. It is these scents that we seek to create.”

Rave Babe

First things first, love the name given to this scent. Right when I saw this name on their website I knew had to try it. It was created for all you Rave Babes that literally dance all night long with no breaks. Aka me, haha! This scent is definitely stronger than Festival Fresh which I’ll talk about in a little bit but both are different and great in their own ways. Rave Babe uses Jasmine and Lavender which you can spray over your pillow cases at 4am when your about to sleep so you can rave in your dreamland.

Festival Fresh

This mist scent reminds me of a forest hike or a summer night camping with some close friends. I like using this scent on my pillows and bed sheets as well. I’m gunna admit I’m not the cleanest person in the world plus my room is really small so it gets messy really easily. This scent really freshens up the aroma of room.


An all around cleanser working for all skin types! This face wash cleanses your skin while removing your make up, and ensures your skins moisture barrier is nurtured. I love the earthy scent of this cleanser, it’s really relaxing. It also makes my skin feel really smooth after using it which is a big plus. This product uses oil blends to eliminate the dirt carried within your pores giving you a nice clean face after your wash.


I have dry lips along side a terrible habit of picking my lips when I’m stressed. The condition of my lips haven’t been the best these past few months especially with the weather change. The lemon herbal focus lip balm has such a nice scent and it’s made with seed oils and butters to naturally moisturize your lips.

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