I’m taking part in the “beauty from within” movement by collaborating with the lovely MIYU Beauty to embrace healthy lifestyle changes to enhance and preserve the natural beauty of my skin. MIYU Beauty has a great company story that I really do feel like people should be aware of. Your lifestyle has a huge impact on the way your skin reacts. From poor diets and lack of sleep to constant stress and not protecting your skin from the harmful enivironment, many factors come into play when it comes to our skin. MIYU Tea and Beauty provides complementry pairs of Tea and beauty products to give each and every person the all around set of how to properly treat your skin.

MIYU’s Three Main Philosophies:

1. your skin is a mirror of your lifestyle…
2. complexions are nurtured from within…
3. the secret to everlasting beauty is happiness…

MIYU comes from a Chinese based back ground drawing inspiration from Chinese beauty rituals and morals which has created the core of their ever growing company. I love the fact they place a heavy emphasis on carrying out a healthy lifestyle through their products. I received the A Prettea Little Quartet starter set which included a mini hydrate mi beauty essence, a de-stress mi beauty essence, two sachets of hydrate mi beauty tea, and two sachets of de-stress mi beauty tea.

I’ve been seriously loving these high quality teas and mists which I’ve been using before and after my yoga classes. Lifestyle is really important to me which I love how MIYU perfectly fits into my before and after yoga sessions which gracefully guides me through carrying out and continuing on creating a peaceful mind set to living life. I use the hydration mi beauty essence paired with the tea before my yoga class. This is because with hot yoga, it is extremely important to stay hydrated before your session. I love how refreshing the spray the mi essence feels on my skin and the smooth taste of the tea which complements each other very well. After my hot yoga class, I cleanse my face to ensure all the dirt and sweat is removed and spray the de-stress mi beauty essence over while my pores are still open from the temperature of the room. When I get back home from class, I relax my body and mind with the de-stress mi beauty tea. Both pairings are absolutely perfect together and they work extremely well integrated into my personal lifestyle healing my mind and enhancing my beauty.

MIYU Beauty is beautiful inside and out which is shown through their products as well. Their packaging is so pretty and cute, I had a hard time even opening the package because it was just so precious! I would love a Carrie Project reader to experience these amazing pairings as well which is why I teamed up with MIYU Beauty to host a giveaway to win this A Prettea Little Quartet starter set! If your interested in winning this set, continue reading!

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