We all have those products that we instantly fall in love with, maybe at first sight, or maybe after a couple days or weeks. I have some amazing products I want to share with you guys that are my top picks for this month, yes, including my Doughnut Makeup Bag!!!

Sunscreen is a essential product to be wearing through out all the seasons. Even with Winter still in place, sometimes we forget that UV rays can still damage our skin which will cause skin aging, wrinkles, and the overall damage it can do over the long run. It honestly takes a couple extra seconds to apply sunscreen in your morning routine which you’ll thank for in the future! I use the CyberDERM Every Morning Sun Whipped SPF 25 by The Sunscreen Company which I apply after my morning cleanse. What I love about this sunscreen is that it is light weight and easily applied to your face from the texture of the whip. Usually with sunscreen I always have the perception that it’s sticky and just not the best feeling when applied, but this sunscreen is fresh and non irritable on the skin. It basically feels like nothing on your face which is a top quality in beauty products for me! You can purchase one of these sunscreens from The Sunscreen Company which is based in Ottawa, for all you Canadian readers looking to shop online for the perfect sunscreen!

Another product I’ve really been obsessed with is Too Faced Melted Lipstick in Fig. Purple is my all time favourite lipstick colour on and this shade of purple is my favourite to wear on a daily basis. It’s subtle in the sense that you can wear it on a regular day but it still has that edge to wear it on a night out. Eye liner is a key make up product I wear everyday and currently I’ve been wearing Lime Crimes Liquid Liner in Quill. Winged lines are surprising easily drawn with their application brush as I usually tend to stick with the eyeliner pens, but I’m pleasantly surprised with how well I’m able to draw with this one. For my eye lashes, L’Oreal’s Voluminous Power 24H in waterproof is my favourite mascara in the whole world compared to all the mascaras I’ve tried out there. Whether it be from high brand mascaras to other drug store brands, this mascara come through as the number one mascara in my heart.

And what perfect bag than a Doughnut Bag to put all my favourite makeup products in?? The rainbow water colours with the cute and quirky doughnut prints all around, what can I say? I’m in love. I’m bringing this bag with me everywhere and it’s the perfect travel size as well! This lovely creature is from Ink Accessories based in the UK that has the coolest products online. If you want to shop not your typical kinda things, this is the perfect place to check out, especially if your a Space Babe or Glitter Freak like me. FYI the packaging was also the cutest thing ever that will literally make your heart warm when you open your package from Ink Accessories, links will be provided to check out their products!