We often purchase products without realizing what’s really in it or what ingredients are put into the creation of these products that we use. Especially when it comes to products we use on our bodies, face, hair, and skin, it is so important to be aware of harmful chemicals or synthetic ingredients used.

Calia is a beauty care company located in Canada and originated from the West Coast in B.C, Vancouver. As a independent company, they are extremely committed in providing 100% organic and natural body and hair care for consumers like us that want to treat our skin right! One thing that stood out to me is Calia’s business values as a local small company remaining true to themselves even with the impact on what society has on our generation and our world. There is nothing more refreshing to hear a company take a stance on the real importance of life into their business.

“We have no intention of growing Calia into a mass market company and wish to remain small. As one goes forward in life, one realizes (or should do) that time and quality remain very important. Both seem increasingly hard to find in this age of pushing and grovelling to get the most money in the least time. Well we don’t buy into that. We prefer the old way.”

Organic Haircare

Calia offers a whole selection and variety of hair care products to help best match your hair type and condition. I have been using their Organic, Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner into my hair care routine which I’ve seriously been loving. This is their best seller for normal hair types and I can see/feel why! The Hydrating Shampoo is made with certified natural ingredients, for example, tree sap from the BC forest is used as a preservative. How cool is that??

After shampoo, I use the Hydrating Conditioner which leaves my hair feeling so soft. I’ve never been a conditioner person, which I really don’t know why I’ve never been (lazy?). From my experience using Calia’s hydrating conditioner, I understand how much of a huge difference it can do for your hair.

I had such a great experience using products from Calia and I would recommend trying out these products yourselves to see why I’m hyping it up so much. Keep your hair looking and feeling healthy with a added natural shine by shopping Calia. All links to their website will be provided if you want to shop their selection of products they carry!

Hope you enjoyed reading my review and until next time loves, smile and have a great day 🙂