I look 10 even though I’m turning 22 this year, and it’s really a blessing and a curse at the same time because right now it’s a bit weird seeing 15 year olds looking older than me. But once I hit my 30s I know I’ll appreciate this baby face a whole look more! So here I put together a post of products to keep my youth game strong because in the end, we all want to look and feel young!

I’ve been going to GoodLife for over a year and to be honest it just really wasn’t working out for me. I’m just the type of person that doesn’t enjoy working out from running on a treadmill or lifting weights, but I kept at it for so long because I didn’t really think of the other alternative activities I could do. For the New Year, I decided to join Hot Yoga which I really wished I joined sooner because it was the best decision. Working out isn’t so bad if you actually enjoy doing it. For some people the gym works for them, but for others it doesn’t and that’s okay! Find something you love doing and you’ll be motivated to keep working out and actually look forward to breaking a sweat and releasing stress. So to treat myself, I splurged a tiny bit… maybe more then a tiny bit… at Lulu Lemon. I got myself “The Mat 3mm”, “Loop It Up Mat Strap”, and “The Towel”. Love the colour combination of the black mat with the blue printed towel! Especially for hot yoga a towel is very necessary so treat yourself and splurge on one if you need it. When it comes to gym gear or anything related to your lifestyle, spending money on these items shouldn’t be something to feel guilty about because your essentially investing in yourself, that’s how I see it!

After my Hot Yoga sesh I love coming home to a hot shower and using some products to keep me feeling rejuvenated. First I would use this Gold Face and Body Mask by Bioxidea. These masks aren’t lying when they say Gold, theres even sparkles in them! This extremely high quality mask isn’t just made with the usual thin cotton material as well. It helps revitalize your skin to keep it looking younger by giving your face a lift. After this refreshing mask you can drop it in your bath to pamper your body. If you don’t like baths you could even just use this as a foot or hand soak!

After the mask, I follow up with my Islands Harvest Coconut Oil Facial Cream. If you know me, I am obsessed with any product that has coconut oil in it and this product is no exception!! Apply a pea size amount of this light weight cream to replenish your skin after a long day (or in the morning). This coconut oil facial cream has a cooling effect after application which is really soothing, definitely recommend trying this out if your looking for a new daily face cream.

Next, I use my Bioxidea Cosmetics Eyes and Lips Anti-Wrinkle Serum around the the creases of my smile, below my temples, and the outline of my lips. I then follow up with my Instantly Ageless Vital Pouches where I apply this onto my skin for 2-3 minutes to allow for maximal absorption. These two products help to fight pre mature wrinkles and to keep my skin healthy!

So to wrap up this post, just wanted to shout out to all my baby faced angels out there that may be struggling with or feeling insecure of looking younger and “cute” rather than “sexy”. Well let me tell you something, embrace your youthful beautiful faces and love yourself please because life is too short to be dwelling on things like not accepting the way you look. Keep being beautiful and lets all keep our youth game strong this year! #youngatheartforever