Wai Ke Botanicals is a company based in Seattle owned by Gabi Masek whom dedicates her time to produce high quality liniments, ointments, and salves through passed down recipes from generation to generation. Using herbs sourced locally, specifically from the Pacific Northwest region, these ingredients curated are brought into the traditional recipes used to create a wide range of unique products. Gabis passion to produce self-care products is honestly shown through her work and I really did feel the love and care put into each product I received.

Flower + Root Face Steam Rejuvenate + infuse your smiling face with flowers that smile back šŸ™‚

This face steam really did make me smile externally and internally. You thought facial masks were soothing? Well just you wait till you try this Flower Root Face Steam, it will literally change your life. Especially since its winter right now, this is the absolutely the most comforting way to treat your skin and mind. This special face steam was personally created by Gabi (her own recipe) to help take your stress away through this magical aroma brought through the boiling of the herbs. It’s so nice to feel the warmth of the steam on your skin and you can even follow up with a mask right after if you wanted to!

Nourishing Hair Serumoil + essential oil conditioner for your lovely locks

First thing I wanted to mention is that my hair is extremely damaged from having it dyed over eight times as I always change up my hair colour. So what I always use in my night routine after I shower is some sort of argan oil after I shower to help keep my hair healthy and feeling smooth instead of it being dead and dry which is what dying your hair multiple times does to it. So I decided to try this hair serum and surprise surprise, it’s freaking amazing. After my shower I apply this onto my wet hair and I can feel my hair just like thanking me so much for using this product. You can see it as watering a really thirsty plant with water #thirstisreal lol!

If you have damaged or dry hair, this will hands down be your holy grail guaranteed. The argan oil, jojoba + avocado blended with a scalp satisfying blend of essential oils will give your hair all the love it deserves. Although my hair is damaged from coloured dye (and is still coloured right now) a lot of people have complimented my hair saying it doesn’t look or feel like my hair is dry.

Mugwort Dream Pillowa gorgeous rose, lavender + mugwort sleepy time experience

So tell me, are you a Dreamer? Cause I am, like literally when I sleep and probably like 99.9% of the time I’m awake, like dreaming about the guys on @dirtydaddies from Instagram… hahaha just kidding! But really, I’ve always been intrigued by my dreams which I find to occur mainly when I nap.

This Mugwort Dream Pillow is something you don’t usually come by, which is why I wanted to try this out even more! These are hand made pillows with a beautiful pattern as the cover and stuffed with organic ingredients such as; Mugwort, Red Rose Petals, Lavender, and Buckwheat Hulls. Each ingredient brings a different element into the product to help deepen our sleep and to enhance our dreaming experience. I really like the earthy smell to this Dream Pillow and I found it helped me take my mind off of things before I fell asleep. Really interesting product to try out and perfect for a gift for all those dreamers out there!

When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all of your thoughts break their bonds, your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction and you find yourself in a new great and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.
ā€” Patanjali

Ending this post off with that quote on Wai Ke Botanicals website šŸ™‚ If your looking for more information on the ingredients used in each product or want to browse through the other one of a kind products Gabi creates, I have attached the website link for you to check out! Also, the last product I received was a Cedar Smudge Stick which I will be posting up a whole new post for that one soon, so keep reading on Carrie Project!