A lot of people have been complimenting my brows (which is somewhat rare) and I’m definitely giving the credits to 1) my sister who shapes my brows and 2) Dip Brow by Anastasia.

Trust me, I’ve never had nice brows to start with. Toke a long time coming, but I feel like I’m finally at a good place with my brows *starts singing started from the bottom now we here*

In this post I’ll give you a break down of what Anastasia brow products I’ve used and what it’s done personally for me in shaping and filling!

Brow Powder Duo– I started using the this powder a couple years back and I felt like it definitely did a good job in shaping, but what didn’t work for me was the filling. It gave my brows a really fluffy look which I didn’t like. For my type of brows, I need brow products with strong hold to keep my hairs in the shape. I found that with this powder I needed to go in with brow gel afterwards in order to get those hairs to stay in place.

Brow Wiz– The pencil definitely wasn’t working for me. It’s the fastest way to get your brows filled in but I found that you really need the right technique to get it working. My sister uses this product on her eye brows and she kills it with this product but it just wasn’t working for me. 0 compliments hahahha!

Dip Brow– So finally I decided to try the Dip Brow as I heard a lot of people using it. The reason why I tried this one last was because I was intimidated to use this one as it looks kinda complicated and hard to use, at least that’s how I initially saw it. But honestly now I’m so glad I came across this because it’s my holy grail make up product to ensure my brows are always looking on fleek (key to success haha). It’s true though, having nice brows really frames your face. The Dip Brow has the strongest holding power out of the three products I mentioned and it’s also waterproof which explains why! The colour pigmentation is stronger as well and it works so well with my brows. I went into Sephora and had one of the Anastasia girls show me how to use it and she gave me a little sample to try at home! I went back in and purchased a full version after trying it out. So if your looking to try the Dip brow out as well, I would suggest going into Sephora and asking one of the specialists to help choose what colour best suits your brows then ask for a sample to try out to know for sure if it works for you! Also keep in mind having a good angled brush is key to applying the dip brow. Always make sure your angled brush is cleaned occasionally when there’s build up of the product on the brush or you won’t get that clean shape.

How I clean my brushes:

Things you will need is Johnson Johnson Baby Soap and this make up cleaning tool from Skingenuity called Brush Egg. This Brush Cleaner has grooves to help clean your brushes thoroughly to ensure so excess make up is left on your brushes! All you need to do is to apply the soap onto the tool and swipe your brushes through the Brush Egg which you will definitely see all the gunk coming out of your brushes. Then you just rinse your brushes and let them dry! Something worth investing in that will last you a long time 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this post on my brows and until next time, have a awesome day you beautiful people!