Tealee’s Detox Tea Review

I’m sure all of you, especially if your on Instagram a lot and follow those Australian bikini companies or IG accounts that post waves and stuff that you must have come across a Detox Tea company account with models posing with the tea packages with their body’s in the shot. So I decided to try out a Detox Tea to see first hand if I’ll magically wake up one morning and have one of those model bodies like they show on Instagram. hahahah just kidding. But I wanted to try out Detox Tea since I am a tea drinker so might as well cross one off the list! But one thing’s for sure if your trying Detox Tea is to not be expecting results if you don’t make a change in your lifestyle choices. You won’t see changes in your body if you don’t put in work and effort to stay active in conjunction with your diet. A Detox Tea is something that you add into your Lifestyle to somewhat aid in your journey to be healthier and is something great to add into your daily routine!

Tealee is a local online tea shop company in Ottawa, Ontario that offers high quality tea blends through their originality of unique herbs , leaves, fruits, flowers, and spices. Lisa, whom is one of the creators of Tealee which I had a pleasure meeting (Hi Lisa! shout out to you), provides not only great tasting tea, but tea that will benefit your health! So whether your a long time tea drinker, or maybe you just started getting into it, Tealee has awesome choices to try out. I recently got my sister into drinking tea and now we have mini tea parties everyday!

I decided to try the 28 Day TealeeTox which includes a morning tea and a night tea which I’ll give you a summary on below:

TealeeTox is designed to encourage a healthy lifestyle and establish a healthy routine. Drinking two additional cups of tea per day will help increase your body’s water intake in a delicious way. The ingredients in each blend were chosen to ensure that each cup has a dose of valuable nutrients and vitamins.

🌄 Rise & Shine: This morning tea blend includes a bit of caffeine to help kick start you day. What really helped for me after drinking Rise & Shine was that I actually felt that I drank less coffee within the day which is a plus for me! Especially with the second semester starting up (at least for me in University) you might tend to be binge drinking on coffee, but remember everything in moderation! This morning blend does a great job in regulating my intake on caffeine.

🌙 Relax & Unwind: This night blend is such a great treat to end your day with! What I really liked about this tea was that it helped with my late night food/snacks cravings. So instead of me reaching for a bag of chips or what not, I drink this tea instead!!

Overall, I really enjoyed the TealeeTox and how it did improve my overall lifestyle routine. If your a Canadian reader looking to try out a Detox Tea, I would recommend trying out Tealee from Ottawa instead of paying for shipping for a company based across the world cause I know y’all wouldn’t want to pay for all those shipping, duties & taxes!! Anyways, I added the link for you to access Tealee’s website and if you have any questions concerning the tea choices, you can send an email over to Lisa who is super nice and will answer any of your inquires :)! Until next time, xoxo – gossip girl jk it’s Carrie. BYE!