Who wants lush silky smooth hair flowing through the wind like a majestic unicorn? That was a weird example but anyways, I found this amazing new product called My Mane Care that helps hydrate and smooth my hair! To quench my dry hairs thirst, I’m using this hydrating mask which is my main go to product (see what I did there, pun intended hehe).

This hair mask is made in Canada and is designed to hydrate and revive your hair. It also strengthens and gives your hair that healthy shine from their organic ingredients to get you hair you just wanna run your hands through all day cause it’s so dam smooth! My Mane Care is vegan and 100% cruelty free using natural ingredients such as Coconut organic virgin oil (YES, the ingredient from heaven), Avocado Oil, Grade Seed Oil, and the list goes on which I will attach the link for you to see the other natural ingredients used.

To use this product you apply it to dry hair working from the tips to your roots. You have the option to either leave it in for 30 minutes to then follow up with shampoo and conditioner OR you can give yourself a full on head pamper and leave it in over night! I personally like leaving it in overnight to get my hair to absorb the product to its full potential. It’s not irritating to have in your hair either. I just tie my hair up in a pony tail or bun with the product in my hair.

Yes, I’m a huge sucker for packaging and My Mane Care got me feeling like that heart eyed emoji!! Beautiful packaging and hair saving product? Couldn’t have asked for anything better. Sometimes I tend to neglect my hair even with it being damaged from hair dye but with My Mane Care, my hair finally gets all the love it deserves. After you use this product, you’ll realize how much a difference it makes to the health of your hair and how much a hair mask application once a week can have such a change in the texture and look of your hair. This is a great product if you’ve had dye in your hair, need a split end remedy, have typically dry hair, or even just need a boost in shine and strength! All around great product for all you beautiful babes 😉 Let’s all get mesmerizing mermaid hair with My Mane Care woot woot!